Saturday, March 3, 2007

I am so glad the week is over!
Monday I had my cardiac exam--88%. I can live with that.
Yesterday was my second psych exam, which I was worried about because the first one I got an 87.5, so I definitely wanted to do well, but I've just been way too tired to study the way I should have. Well, I got a 100%!!!! I know it is because she has two bonus questions at the end, woo.
I have one more week and then I am off for Spring Break! Not that I'll be getting much of one considering we have our 3rd MS exam the day we come back--evil.
This thursday is my fourth pharm exam. I am doing pretty well in that class. My grades so far: 97, 91, 96. I'm not too worried. I usually make notecards, but this time I am going to see how I do without them. Mostly just because I am behind on the reading and it takes way too long to make the cards.

My car is broken, so I can't go anywhere. I don't think I will have somoene look at it until NEXT weekend. I just can't deal with that crap when I have tests to worry about.

Goal for the day is to finish pharm reading, study a bit, and then hope to hang out with the boyfriend.