Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tomorrow, hell is officially over!
I'm sorry, but peds/OB was a total downer for me.
I cannot wait to get back into the swing of things. After my women's health HESI, I will be moving back to St.Pete to save money until I graduate and begin working as an RN. I CANNOT WAIT!!
However, I'm super stoked about preceptorship. I haven't received any information about my preceptor yet, but I know I'm in the CSICU. I can't wait to deal with adults and actually interesting things. I'm excited to begin learning things that will benefit me in my life as a nurse.
I just paid a crap-load of money Monday for KAPLAN. It's required by my school. Sigh.
I start my FINAL semester on May 12th. Until then, I plan to relax and have fun.
I need it. Truly.

I'll try to keep this updated for my final semester. It should be hectic and nerve-wracking, especially while getting back into the swing of things. ICU=scary, but I'm ready.