Sunday, February 28, 2010


I've had a headache all morning. Does anyone else suffer from headaches/migraines? I tend to get cluster and tension headaches, on one side of my head, or focused behind one eye. I seem to get one every week, if not more. Last week I suffered a headache at work and at one point started to see stars before I asked a coworker for medicine. If you opened my "medicine" cabinet, you will only find one medicine, and that is Excedrin extra strength migraine. I rarely take anything because I'm rarely sick, but when it comes to headaches, I try to give it a few hours before I give into the powers of the pharmaceuticals.

Well, it looks like I did not get that scholarship to attend the critical care conference. I haven't heard anything, so I am taking that to mean it was given to someone else. Bummer.
Also, my glo bars arrived yesterday, but I was at work so they brought them to the manager's office, but it is Sunday and they're closed, so now I need to wait until tomorrow~ argh.

I had snake bite patient back yesterday.Had been on the ventilator a lot longer than expected because of a nasty pneumonia, followed by a self-extubation and re-intubation the day previously. I was anxious to get the patient extubated to hear the story of how one gets bit on the tongue by a snake, but I kind of already figured how.  The patient was messing with the snake...a wild snake. They will be fine. In the morning before extubating the patient, we did a sedation vacation and the patient was acting appropriate, so we told 'em he/she was bit in the tongue by a snake, was in the hospital, etc. She/He nodded to each account. Finally, the nurse I am working with said, "And the snake is dead," to which the patient's eyes got wide and she/he pouted his bottom lip. It was funny.

Hoping to spend some quality time with Mirza and see a movie. I haven't been on a bike ride in awhile due to the unusually cold weather. I could have gone today, but my head was killing me. It is beautiful out right now. Probably in the low 60's, sun shining, and clear sky.

Friday, February 26, 2010

wicked excited

My mother got me tickets for my birthday to see Wicked. It was AMAZING!! I loved loved loved it. And Mirza did, too, despite the giant hair bush right in front of his view. We were in the orchestra, row P, right in the middle, so I loved the seats.
My favorite part of the show was the last song of Act I ("Defying Gravity") and then Elphaba (the Wicked Witch) flies up in the air. It's a powerful performance.

(not my photos)

Supposedly today they are going to let the "winners" of the scholarship know if they got it. I'm not sure if they will be calling or what, but I hope I get it. I would LOVE to go to Washington, DC even if it is by myself. And to go to a conference for critical care nurses who are all excited about their careers? I feel like I need to feel and see this enthusiasm again about nursing. I'm doubting I did get it. I turned in my packet two days before the due date, but my manager only gave me the letter of recommendation the day prior and I had to put it through the hospital's mail system. She assured me it would get there in time and she also let them know to be on the look out for it. But I am paranoid.

Another thing I am waiting for today: my Glo Bars!!! They were supposed to arrive yesterday, and the UPS has already been by twice taunting me. grrrrrr!

Updates to follow if I hear anything..:/


ps: Just got my tickets to see DMB in July!! woooooo. I saw them once a few years ago, so we've been wanting to see them again. Cannot wait!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

kissy kissy

The past few days at work have been good. I am going with the flow, like I said, and learning to benefit from my preceptor's knowledge and organizational skills for the next two weeks.

Of course, they are giving us the sickest patients.

Probably the most amusing:

 Patient who came in with a diagnosis of poisonous snake bite. Now, this might seem run of the mill...until you find out where this patient was bit.

Yes. How does someone get bit on the tongue by a poisonous snake? Let's just say that the patient's blood alcohol level may or may not have been elevated upon admission.

And what does a bite on the tongue from a poisonous snake get you? You guessed it! A wonderful stay in the Intensive Care Unit and a complimentary endotracheal tube, making it easier and convenient for you to breathe!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

7 years in photos

Yesterday was a good day at work. I do not care anymore about my last post. I'm just going to take advantage and go with the flow.

In other news, yesterday was my SEVEN year Anniversary with Mirza!! To celebrate, here are some pictures over the past seven years:

From 18 and in high 25 and all grown-up (not!)...

Probably the first picture taken of us together. How dorky!

I have a bunch of photos from 2003-2005, but they're printed out and in an album.

Thanksgiving '05

2 year anniversary collage:

Best  7 years<3

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm feeling pretty bummed to put it lightly. Honestly, probably depressed would be the right word. I do not want to get into it because it is work related.

Sometimes I just wish I did something easier. Why couldn't I have picked something fun for my career? you know, like cupcake maker, or...I don't know.
I do not expect to be posting for the next week or maybe two? I might, but I just feel like complete...bla.

I wish I could just have kids and be a stay at home mom. Screw work. Screw the women's movement (not really)! In all seriousness, though....:(

Anyone go through phases when you feel really good and enthusiastic about your work, and then totally doomed and want nothing to do with it?

((Edited. Deleted))

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Birthday and triathlon news!

We'll be celebrating my birthday this Saturday at my mom's (I work thurs/fri), but Mirza and I took the day to ourselves to hang out and celebrate my 25th year!:)

Mirza wanted to take me out for my birthday, so I decided I wanted to go to Leafy Greens cafe. If you remember, we went there in October.

I ordered the Mediterranean pizza, which was:
A walnut and hemp seed crust adorned with cashew hummus, olive tapenade, sliced olives, shredded fennel, cubes of cucumber and grape tomato wedges and sprinkled with our own z’attar.  Even if olives are not your thing, you will love this dish!

It was just okay. Mirza ordered the veggie burger again, which was amazing! The star of the meal was my green smoothie. I'm so glad I ordered it:

AMAZZZINGG. Best Green Monster I've ever had.

For dessert, they had this raw cayenne chocolate macaroon:

I wish I had like 10 more.

For the rest of the day, we kind of just hung out. I decided (quite excitedly) that I had to have an ice cream cake for my birthday. I used to get these all the time as a kid, so it just felt right!

And then, the UPS MAN CAME!! Always exciting to get packages. I knew it was from my sister and I actually already knew she would be getting me knives because we talked about it, but I didn't know what kind. aaaah, I was so super excited! Mirza makes fun of these pictures because he says I look creepy holding knives lol.

I must say, this was a wonderful birthday. Mirza brought me out to lunch, also got me a cute stuffed bunny. His mom gave me a big basket full of beautiful hand towels for the bathroom, some pretty magnets for the fridge, recipe cards, blank card pack, etc. She always gives cute gifts.
I love my knives! I needed them so badly. I couldn't even cut a butternut squash with my dull-ass knives.


In other non-birthday related news, yesterday at my flat tire course (bike), I met two women who are training for a triathlon! I mentioned the one in June for my hospital and they agreed they want to do it, too and they invited me to train with them!
We're going for a bike ride at Fort Desoto this Saturday. It's going to be so fun! They are also members of Mad Dogs, a triathlon club in our city, and they start having open water swims in March!
So, it is official, I AM GOING TO DO A SPRINT TRIATHLON!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday

to me!

I decided for breakfast to eat something totally healthy and hearty. I normally will have kashi oatmeal or some other organic or "all natural" brand of packet oatmeal. Let's face it, though, they're full of sugar. I've been trying to find a recipe that doesn't have any extra sugar. Usually, the ones that don't, just taste like...BLA!
Well, Niki posted a link to her Banana oatmeal and I must say, it was amazing!
The perfect amount of sweetness.
I used almond milk for my liquid and for toppings: a little bit of granola for crunch, peanut butter, and strawberries:

Thank you to Niki. This will probably become my replacement for the stupid sugar filled packets.

Do you think that oatmeal will help me to live another 25 years?;)

No real plans yet for my birthday. I guess we'll see as the day goes on...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

O baby!

Hello everyone!

Today has kind of felt...meh. I mean, nothing bad, but I did drive around a lot and it is tiring (and infuriating, people suck at driving; we have incredibly busy roads). I drove to Dunedin to turn in my packet for the scholarship to attend NTI in DC. I hope I get it! I'll find out by the 26th.

After, I decided to go donate blood. I am O-, so they are always in critical need.

I love the cheesy shirts they give for donating:

(what the hell kind of rhythm is that?^^^)

I think today's donation makes a GALLON, woo!

I was feeling pretty good after donating, I never feel bad or anything. I lounged around the house for a bit, and then decided to drop off a book to the library, go to TJ Maxx, etc. Well, I started to feel super sluggish. I know I did not drink enough fluids. I also had an INTENSE craving for  bagel. NO IDEA, people. I had this long debate in my head about going to the store and buying bagels and cream cheese, then thought maybe I should go to panera or somewhere else to get one bagel , so then they won't be in the house. But then I thought about saving money, etc. ugh, at this point, I was far from home and starting to feel nauseous and annoyed. The traffic was terrible.

I stopped at Publix and caved in. I told myself if I had an apple with the bagel, then it would all be good. I don't normally obsess so much over food like this, so I'm not too sure what was going on today.
I ended up getting a Thomas' whole wheat bagel with whipped cream cheese (yes!!) and some cheddar cheese.

Enjoyed every last bite with an organic gala apple

My flat tire course for my bike is in one hour, woo!

Monday, February 15, 2010

veggie love

Felt like I had been consuming a lot of sugar lately, so I knew that tonight had to be all about the vegetables.

Decided to make roasted vegetables with polenta and feta cheese.


-Portobello mushrooms
-Red onion
-Red potato
-Sweet peppers

All toasted with evoo and s/p
Baked at 405 for about 20-25 minutes.

For polenta, I found this roll of pre-cooked polenta that you can cut into  slices and then grill, bake, or pan fry:

Just pan fried with more olive oil.

And then I topped them with all the delicious goodness of veggies and delicious feta!!

I love this meal! It is much more filling than you'd think...

I bought this bottle of Chipotle ketchup at Marshall's the other day and it really gave a nice kick to the meal!


I also cleaned out all of my tupperware (a gazillion) and replaced them with these new glass ones:

I'll be donating the plastic ones to Goodwill or Salvation army.