Monday, February 1, 2010

full circle

Happy February 1st!!

February is my favorite and most important month of the year. For one, it is Valentine's Day on the 14th, my (25th) birthday on the 17th, and most importantly, my SEVEN year anniversary with Mirza on the 22nd!!

Between my last post, I had one day off and then worked two more.

 Remember the patient I helped to intubate? Well, I had this patient again on Saturday and Sunday. Actually, I requested to take care of her/him again because they originally had me with another group. It just felt right since I pretty much did everything for this patient in terms of what they had going on currently, and knew the entire history.

When I came in on Saturday, his/her eyes were stuck shut from eye boogers (that is the medical term, of course), so I helped to clean them up. The patient's peep was too high, so we did not SBT her/him that day.

Yesterday, however, we got to extubate the patient!yay!

The best part was feeling how grateful he/she was. Everytime I went in to turn her/him or help him/her with anything, she/he would softly say, "Thank you so much, Nicole, for taking care of me." And I could tell he/she genuinely meant it. The weird thing is that we're still not sure exactly what is wrong.
I'll be interested to see if she/he is still there when I work again on Wednesday.

 I like to work the weekends in the ICU. It is, dare I say...quieter? I guess just in terms of not having to present in front of the multidisciplinary team. It is more informal with just the intensivist and charge nurse.


Anyone ever have organic carrots picked from the ground hours earlier? You cannot even believe the flavor. They put grocery store carrots to shame (as in one tastes like a carrot and the other like cardboard). I love my CSA:


Eco Yogini said...

yep, prior to having fresh carrots, Andrew actually thought he didn't like them!!! lol, after a fresh carrot or two, he immediately saw the error of his ways.. :)

Niki said...

Your 1st patient sounds so sweet! Glad he finally was able to be extubated!! February sounds like a great month for you!! I liked working weekends too! I was a "weekender" the whole last year I worked in the PICU! It usually was "quieter" but when things went wrong, they really went wrong! Haha, I was always in charge too so that's another story for another day!

Retta said...

I'm so glad you could help the patient! And happy (early) anniversary!