Sunday, February 28, 2010


I've had a headache all morning. Does anyone else suffer from headaches/migraines? I tend to get cluster and tension headaches, on one side of my head, or focused behind one eye. I seem to get one every week, if not more. Last week I suffered a headache at work and at one point started to see stars before I asked a coworker for medicine. If you opened my "medicine" cabinet, you will only find one medicine, and that is Excedrin extra strength migraine. I rarely take anything because I'm rarely sick, but when it comes to headaches, I try to give it a few hours before I give into the powers of the pharmaceuticals.

Well, it looks like I did not get that scholarship to attend the critical care conference. I haven't heard anything, so I am taking that to mean it was given to someone else. Bummer.
Also, my glo bars arrived yesterday, but I was at work so they brought them to the manager's office, but it is Sunday and they're closed, so now I need to wait until tomorrow~ argh.

I had snake bite patient back yesterday.Had been on the ventilator a lot longer than expected because of a nasty pneumonia, followed by a self-extubation and re-intubation the day previously. I was anxious to get the patient extubated to hear the story of how one gets bit on the tongue by a snake, but I kind of already figured how.  The patient was messing with the snake...a wild snake. They will be fine. In the morning before extubating the patient, we did a sedation vacation and the patient was acting appropriate, so we told 'em he/she was bit in the tongue by a snake, was in the hospital, etc. She/He nodded to each account. Finally, the nurse I am working with said, "And the snake is dead," to which the patient's eyes got wide and she/he pouted his bottom lip. It was funny.

Hoping to spend some quality time with Mirza and see a movie. I haven't been on a bike ride in awhile due to the unusually cold weather. I could have gone today, but my head was killing me. It is beautiful out right now. Probably in the low 60's, sun shining, and clear sky.