Saturday, June 30, 2012

Busy Bee

Work, school, and life are kicking my ass!

Nurse Practitioner school is no-joke and I'm not even doing clinicals yet. Right now I'm in Advanced Assessment and Advanced Pharmacology. I wish I could tell you some good things about Pharm, but I was forced to take it online for the summer semester, and it is absolutely horrible. I'm honestly not learning much. In fact, it gives me severe anxiety knowing I am teaching this to myself from reading a stupid book. I'm worried about how I will fair when clinicals begin--will I be prepared?

Assessment is just a ton of work. In a few weeks, we are doing something called an OSCE (observed structured clinical exam). Basically, we go into a mock outpatient office with an actor/patient, and we will be observed behind a two-way mirror (like in the cop shows!) by our instructor. We'll also be videotaped. The patient will have "something wrong with them," and basically we go through a health history and focused exam. They are "professional patients." We will do this again at the end of the semester, but it will be a "well-visit" and we'll do a complete head-to-toe assessment. Just the thought of it is scary! However, I have to keep reminding myself that I've been a RN for 4 years and every single day, I walk into a patient's room and I ask them questions and do an assessment. They are not scary. Except now? I have to figure out what is wrong with them and order meds, labs, diagnostic tests, etc. I'm freaking out, but also proud of how far I have come. I definitely do not know how people with no nursing background could ever go through a program like mine. My clinical experience and background has been the only clutch I have to lean on, especially when writing case studies.

This is pretty much my life right now: work full-time (bla!), school "part-time," which is not part time because every hour that I am not at work, I am focused on school. The other bits of time I focus on staying healthy, which is of course with CROSSFIT. It's pretty much the only awesome part of my day. Oh, and wedding planning.

I'm a busy woman!

CrossFit has been nothing short of awesome. I am getting stronger everyday. I look and feel it! We also did a 6 week paleo challenge at the box. Mirza lost 3 inches from his belly! I lost 1.5 inches. I did it mostly to kick the sugar habit, and it has definitely helped my mood, performance, etc. Like I said, CrossFit has been a lifesaver for my crazy, hectic life. It's what I look forward to most in my days.
Mirza has made huge gains in CrossFit, as well. I'm so happy that we've both found something to be passionate about together. It's so much fun! 
Taken on May 24th--Mirza's birthday

This morning we did a Team WOD together.

The Saturday WOD
Team WOD:  Partners pair up according to experience.  We want each team mate to be close to partner’s abilities in time and work capacity.

  • 30 HSPU’s
  • 400 Meter  overhead plate carry 45/35lbs
  • 100 Hand release push ups.
  • 100 m. Walking lunge (to the first speed bump)
  • 100 m.Burpee broad jump(from the first bump to the second bump)
  • 200 m. Sprint (back to the “box”) both teammates must be at the box before starting the pull-ups.
  • 100 pull ups

For this WOD each member will share the work.  ONE works while the other counts.  At no time can both athletes work at the same time other than the runs, but that is because one is no good without the other.  During any run or the plate carry, the work cannot resume until both are in attendance.

 It took us 30:11! The coolest part of the day for me was during the warm-up when I did 2 unassisted, strict pull-ups!! I've come such a long way. My knees came up a bit, but I know I'm getting stronger everyday. 
box jumps during CrossFit for Hope

A couple of weekends ago, I climbed the rope!! Of course, Mirza got a crappy photo of me at the top, so it's impossible to see if it's me, but I swear, I climbed the rope. On my SECOND attempt, I tired out and ALMOST got to the top. He took a video.

Of course, I have no technique and need to work on my feet, but yay!! rope climbs rock.

Other than CrossFit, one excellent aspect to life is this:

That right there is me holding a receipt for final payment of my CAR LOAN! I PAID IT OFF. I officially OWN.MY.CAR. What a great feeling!

Until next time!

Hope I still have a few straggler readers out there!
I'd like to start a conversation: What is the one thing you look forward to most during your day? As said, mine is CrossFit (when I'm able to go!!!). Oh, and of course, the nice, hot long lavender bubble bath after a rough day. I think I'll go take one!