Tuesday, February 27, 2007

three patients

Today I took THREE patients. We're only supposed to have two, but it just worked out this way. In fact, today went incredibly smooth. I thought I would feel overwheled, but it was awesome. I went in, look at their charts, did their assessments,charted, gave their meds, and then spent the rest of the day helping/doing whatever that had to be done.
I feel like it is all starting to come together--it is much better now that we can pass meds; we're actually learning the role of nurse. I like it a lot.
The night before clinicals I always feel nervous/anxious, which makes no sense because it is always good, but for the past few weeks, I've secretly been excited to go because I can feel myself getting better! However, when that alarm goes off at 4:10am, I don't exactly share the same sentiments:)
I never talked about my patients all that much--maybe I should give an overview of them or something. First, I'm on a telemetry/MS floor that focuses on strokes.
Patient 1-CC=dyspnea
Patient 2-CC=pulmonary embolism/rectal bleed/lung CA
Patient 3-CC=Afib with RVR

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I hate psych clinicals

Today I had psych clinicals and we left early because my friend was attacked by a patient! argh, it was horrible. I don't feel like typing out the entire story again, so I am just going to copy and paste an AIM convo I had, minus the screennames, so I'm sorry if the story isn't grammatically correct or sounds dumb.

oh man it was horrible..soo it was me, L, T, and A on the adult floor, which i have yet to be on. i felt weird as soon as i got on the floor bc the nurses and techs were just weird in general..then we were doing vitals and this tall black man kept coming over and talking to tammy and i..he seemed ok, then he would grab his penis and be like.."you want this, you want this!" we just moved until he was told to go into his room..so we were kind of freaked out from that. then the patients went to breakfast so we sat in the tv room. well, we were at the table and lindsey was to my left and then tammy was at the end of the table. then this guy in a wheelchair who apparently is retarded wheeled in. he was gross. he had food all over himself and on his hands and he would talk very weird..he'd be like, "I AM GOING HOME TODAY!!" but it was very hard to understand him...anyway, he wheeled in and he sat between L and T.
He was like HI I AM ROB and he shook their hands, then he tried to kiss them and they were liek NO, we cannot do that, no touching, etc. he was like "YA WE CANT TOUCH, I KNOWWW, I WANT TO HUG, BUT I KNOW WE CANT." he seemed harmless you know..then lindsey got up to wash her hands since he had just kissed it and he was gross. then he was just sitting there for a few minutes with a smile on his face, he reached his arm behind tammy to like put it around her shoulder or pat her, i dunno and then he fucking SNAPPED and he fucking grabbed her hair with all his might and he pulled her down, then he was trying to bite her and he was biting the air making this horrible noise like AARGG ARGGGH, like an animal
I jumped up so quick and i was screaming STOP IT STOP IT and i was trying to pulled his hand off the death grip he had on her hair, but he tried to bite me!! so i started screaming HELP HELP, you know.then like 6-7 nurses/techs came in and they were all over him, on the table, etc trying to pry him off and he is just like biting at the air and screaming like an animal! Then they finally got him off. oh and the whole time the otehr patients are like yelling PUNCH HIM OUT, HIT HIM IN THE FACE!!!!
I was so shocked. it felt unreal. when it was happening i was just like what the hell..is this for real!!
It was scary as hell. he turned into like an animal!
I am not going back on that floor, i dont care
--did anyone actually get bitten?
yeah supposedly this tech got bit through his gloves
but i didnt see it
--but none of you guys?
it took them forever to get him off
no thank god
but T had a huge welt on her head bc he was pulling her hair so hard
---how old was this person?
if she hadnt been holding her hair at the root then he would have ripped it out of her scalp, no doubt
i dont know, it was hard to tell bc he was so weird..maybe 30-40
i was so scared! i was shaking so hard. i thought i was going to cry lol

then we remembered how earlier they were watching the movie blade, about vampires, so maybe he was being a vampire

and we werent even on the floor long at all..this all happened before 9am

am seriously going to have nightmares lol..especially with the noise and look that he made
he was biting the air going AR AR AR i dont know how to type it out lol..but animalistic..like nawing

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


My day in clinical was pretty good. I took two patients, did all of the charting, assessments, and the MEDS.
Today I did my first SQ injection for insulin! woo go me. I did it and then I was like, "You were my first injection-EVER!" And everyone laughed and said, "oh yeah tell him after the fact!!" haha.
THEN this male travel nurse on my floor asked if I wanted to start an IV! I was like YES! Friday was the first time we ever even learned how, but that was on a rubber arm. This nurse rocks so much. He didn't make me nervous at all. He sat down with me and walked me through it. It helped that my patient was totally disoriented and old, so he had like no clue what was going on. I got it in really good, but he said to bring it a little LEFT, so I did, but I could never get a flash. Then he pushed it to the RIGHT and got it. He was like, "I'm sorry! I kept saying go left, but I meant right!!" So I ALMOST got it on my first try. I think it is way easier on a real human and not those dumb arms. Anyway, IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! He told me that I did great and that my approach was PERFECT!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Today was boring for the most past because I was in the ER intake and there were no psych patients, so I basically sat around and talked to the psych RN who was a male. This guy was either burnt out or did not think of nursing very highly. He kept saying things like, "I'm JUST a nurse," how nurses have no power, etc. I was like...what the freakin' hell?! THEN he was like, "you're young, don't do JUST nursing. I would seriously think about medical school or masters program--become a physician!"

First of all--I am not JUST going to be a nurse and it pisses me off when people put down their own profession. We need to advocate for our profession, we need respect. Putting it down does not help the matter. Also, if we can't feel respect for our profession and realize how important our role is then obviously this will not translate well to the public--no one will give us respect and therefore, people will not want to be nurses. THIS WILL NOT HELP THE SHORTAGE.
And to suggest that being a nurse is somehow like being a lower level doctor---what?? It's not even the same profession. GEE, maybe I am proud of the fact that I want to be a nurse, not JUST a nurse either. Be a doctor? Ugh, no thank you.
Some people just shock me.