Monday, July 20, 2009

Eye seee youuuu

Yesterday before work I said, "If they float me again, I am going to cause a scene," but then I saw they were floating me to the ICU, which still pissed me off, but I shrugged my shoulders and went to the 2nd floor. I didn't even bother going back to my floor for the rest of the day since I brought all my stuff with me.
The unit is so much better in infinite amount of ways. First, the nurses are super nice, which makes it even better. Second, even the doctor's treat you better since I'm sure they couldn't remember if I worked in the unit or the floor. They have more respect for unit nurses.
I had two patients.
The first was a male who came to the floors for recurrent UTIs and developed respiratory distress and was sent to the unit on Bipap. He was now doing fine on 2LNC,and was almost going to leave the unit the day prior, but supposedly he began coughing when he was eating, so they made him NPO, held all his meds, and ordered a swallow study to make sure he wasn't aspirating his food. However, since it was ordered late on the weekend, it wouldn't be until Monday. So, the pulmonologist ordered an NG tube for tube feedings.

The nice charge nurse went with me to drop the NG since he is almost 400 pounds and I thought he might fight, which he did. We actually got it and we both know it was in the right spot, but since he was sooo large, it showed absolutely nothing on the KUB! Aggravation!! We both agreed it was there. We then tried a dobhoff, but he was fighting too much, so we stopped. You can't force someone to do something. I paged the MD on call and he basically just said try to encourage the tube and meanwhile, we put him on D5 half with 20 of KCL.

My second patient was in for pneumonia with a history of breast cancer with mets to the bone and liver. She was not in good shape. She developed TTP or Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura , so she had to receive plasmapheresis! I have never seen this before since they don't do it on the floors. It was pretty cool. I didn't have to do anything because the nurse from Florida Blood services worked the machine.
This lady's plasma was DARK. Plasma is supposed to be straw colored, and hers was more like hematuric urine. They removed something like 3500ml and replaced it with nice new plasma.

Meanwhile, she had a Hgb of 6.8, so I transfused 2 units and by 1630, she was back up to 10.2! woo

(The last three days at work, I have managed to hang blood every time...)
Here is a picture of the plamsmapheresis:

ps: I don't really consider wikipedia a reliable source, but for blog purposes it comes in pretty handy

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Food, inc.


Food, Inc. is finally playing close to me and not only that, it is going to be playing more than once!!!

Click here to see if it is playing in your town

I've been waiting for months!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Anyone watching The Next Food Network Star?
They are down to 4 people now.

My favorite is Melissa (the stay at home mom), but I also like Jeffrey, the chef.
I just feel like I wouldn't watch the other people, but since Melissa cooks for her kids and always makes delicious looking food, I know I'd watch her show.


Yesterday I floated to another tele floor. They called it the ortho floor, but no one was there for any ortho issues, so I don't get it! Anyway, before work, I sent an email to Mirza that basically consisted of, "ugh, I don't want to work, I know I am going to be floated. I HATE MED-SURG!! expletive."
And of course, as I predicted (because I am a genius psychic) I was floated. I dreaded the walk over to the floor. And then something AMAZING happened. They gave me a tech for all of my patients (five). The charge nurse said, "yeah, I figured I would be nice since you are floating." I thought to myself Wow, that is incredibly smart and thoughtful and I want to hug this stranger...and then I said THANK YOU!!
Guess what? The day was awesome! I was busy, but steady and basically the last hour, I had nothing "to do" as far as tasks like meds or anything. At 1700, I was told I would get a new patient (had already successfully and rather smoothly discharged two), but he never came up on my shift.
I spent the last 15 minutes feeding my 90 year old demented patient who came in from the nursing home with a syncopal episode. She was mostly nonverbal unless prompted, so I laughed my ass off watching America's Funniest Home Videos while she enjoyed her meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and chocolate sugar-free mouse.

Love those days.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I had the option at 4:50 this am to take an LCD (low census day, ie--stay home) or another hospital! I didn't even know we could that! Of course I said NO and took the LCD. Floating to another floor is stressful enough, but to another campus? No thank you!
However, the bad news is that I found out from a coworker on facebook a few hours later that we get an extra $5/hr to float to another campus!! UM, THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE TO KNOW BEFORE I MADE THE DECISION!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh well.

This afternoon I sold my bike:( I only had it for about two months. It was a used trek, bought for $125, but I think it was worth less and I over paid. The thing is, I wanted a bike for so long since last summer mine was stolen, but I live on busy/dangerous roads. I thought a bike would be perfect because I could put it in my car and then drive on the Pinellas Trail, but it turns out that even with my seats pulled down, the bike still will not fit.
I just decided to sell it and buy a better one once I can afford it and a bike rack for my car.
I was kind of sad to see it go, but I'm pretty short this pay period and only had $49 in my checking account. I got $80 for it, so I am satisfied.

I also returned four little paintings I bought from Marshalls. They were really cute veggies with french words over them. I honestly loved them, but my kitchen is tiny and they don't fit anywhere (that or I am un-creative), so I returned them and got my $35 back.

I was thinking today about all the expenses that will come up in the next <10 years, like a wedding, house down payment, etc. HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT?! It is impossible.

I am definitely looking forward to start working nights so I can make an extra $5 an hour. I am taking it to pay off my car loan and extra will go straight into my emergency fund.

This is kind of a downer post, but I did manage to make chocolate brownies this evening...but now my stomach kind of hurts. bla.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An update on dinner

Just a quick picture update!

Mediterranean pizza with carrot dill salad

Dessert of blueberry Muffins, as mentioned in previous post...

fireworks and blueberries

Hope everyone had a great 4th!
Mirza , Amra, and I ended up at downtown Gulfport for a change. And I must say, the fireworks were amazing! Honestly, I was surprised because you'd think that Gulfport wouldn't be better than St. Pete, but they were.

Here is a quick video from when they started. I have no sound on my computer, so I have no idea if I am talking or what is going on, haha


Yesterday's work out was Extreme Training and my back is sooo sore now. Geez. Today we went for a quick swim and I think I am finished for the night. Too sore!

Work tomorrow, so I planned out my meals for a week.

My meals are incredibly dependent upon my work schedule since I am there for 13 hours. Lunch is usually left overs from the night before and dinner is usually whatever I can find or something quick to put together, especially if I am working the next day since I need to get ready for bed pretty quickly.
I find that I spend a lot less money on food if I make a plan and stick to it.If I am not careful then I can easily spend $500+ on food for one month...and I live alone! Granted, I feed Mirza most of the time, but that is still a lot, haha!

The plan for this week:

Wednesday (today):
Meditteranean pizza with 1/2 baked sweet potato and carrot-dill salad

Thursday (work day): Lunch--left overs. Dinner--Big salad with hemp seeds, the works.

Friday: Chili rubbed tilapia with zucchini, sauteed corn with carrot salad.

Saturday (work day): Lunch--left over tilapia. Dinner--quick pasta

Sunday (work day): Lunch--left over pasta. Dinner- Mediterranean pizza

Monday: Big salad for lunch. Dinner is whole wheat blueberry pancakes, hence the salad at lunch;)

Tuesday: Grilled marinated chicken (george foreman grill, woo), broccoli, red potatoes, etc.

Keeping in mind that this is definitely not everything I will be eating AT ALL. Every morning I have oatmeal with peanut butter toast and when I am home I graze and nibble on things throughout the day. At work, I eat before hand, then take a 15 minute "breakfast" of yogurt, banana, whatever. And I have lunch later on, and then a snack before I go home.

I made my list once again and stuck to it (yes, I spelled broccoli wrong):

This was after shopping, hence the highlighting! I opted not to buy coconut milk ice cream since I knew this afternoon I would be making Jenna's Blueberry muffins

The goods:

Grand total: $77.15!
I stayed under my budget, so woohooo.

Like I said, I baked blueberry muffins today! They were oozing with blueberry goodness!! Thanks to Jenna for the recipe!!!

I've started taking pictures outside on my drier because of the lighting, hahaha!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

money, money, money, money

I've always kind of prided myself on being a non-materialistic person. I think it stems from the fact that I didn't really get a lot growing up. Not to say that I did not have everything I needed and of course, the occasional want, but nothing like some kids! In fact, when I think back to my youth, I do not remember many things that I just had to have. I think I was pretty content with playing outside or riding my bike. In fact, the things I valued the most were tiny and cheap. I could play for days with a fake plastic bug the size of a quarter. I didn't need video games or expensive toys. Mud pies, all the way!

And even into high school, I remember a good friend of mine who had a job and would spend, spend, spend. It seemed like all we ever did was go shopping (I would tag-along, not buying anything because I did not work in high school)! I hated it! I didn't really see the point in continually buying things that weren't needed. I guess I had a pretty good grasp on the whole want vs. need thing from a young age.

It is preoccupation with possessions, more than anything else, that prevents us from living freely and nobly. --Thoreau

...which is why I am confused and finding it hard to understand why that seems to be an issue now! Or, at least it's an issue in my head.

Let me paint a clear picture for everyone: compared to most people my age (or really, ANYONE at any age), I am pretty damn responsible when it comes to money. Each month, I pay my bills on time. And every check, an automatic amount goes into my savings account. So, after savings, retirement, insurance, bills, and taxes are paid, I THEN use whatever is left over for food, gas, and entertainment. Here is where the guilt comes in. For some reason, even though I have made sure to pay myself (and everyone else) first, I still feel an incredibly ridiculous amount of guilt when I spend money ON myself for things that are wants!~ I can just hear Suze Orman in the back of my head, "Nicole, you don't have an 8 months emergency fund, what are you doing spending money at the movies?? are you insane?!!"

What is this about? I think I need to give myself a freakin' break. I suppose the hardest part is seeing what everyone else is doing. Pictures on facebook of my peers going on vacations, to theme parks, BUYING HOUSES...I just sit and think, Am I doing something wrong? And then I think either they must have families that help them out financially or they are just being incredibly irresponsible. How could they all possibly have money in savings when we graduated at the same time??

I simply refuse to spend money that I do not have until I have more money in my savings account. I just can't do it!! However, I think it is a lot more difficult to be frivolous with money when you DO NOT have a stable family. I do not have parents that could help me if I get into a financial pickle. I would be screwed unless I went to my sister, but I would only do that in an extreme, extreme emergency.
In all reality, I could potentially purchase tickets to go on an awesome European trip or buy a new computer and what not, but would I enjoy eating pizza in Italy knowing when I returned that I would have absolutely nothing in case of an emergency? Or would typing on my brand new mac laptop really be worth it? My guess is a resounding NO. So yes, I am going to sit here and try my best to just enjoy going to the library or spending the day at the pool and cooking my own food instead of going out and spending money. And someday, when I finally DO have an 8 months or so emergency fund, then I will start saving for that new computer and trip somewhere.

And while right now Suze Orman is a nagging voice in my head, I know that someday I will have gratitude for that woman because I took her stupid advice to heart!! Damnit.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Yesterday I was really a zombie. I had absolutely no energy at all. And then at 2am, the new people above me were arguing soooo loud. It felt like I lived in a trailer park. I almost called the cops! Incredibly aggravating!
Right now I am drinking a green smoothie with the amazing grass products I got in the mail yesterday. I just got back from the gym--Total fitness. Holidays kind of suck when you can't spend any money. Luckily, 4th of July is all about fireworks. Mirza and I are undecided about where to go. We always go downtown, but then get incredibly aggravated with the crowds. Actually, I get incredibly aggravated because I HATE crowds. For him, it is no big deal because he towers over everyone. But I just get lost beneath everyone. I hate it! And usually people are drinking and loud and stupid, which I have had enough of growing up. So, maybe we'll go to Gulfport or something for a change...or the beach? I don't know. Either way there will be too much traffic. I bet we'll end up staying inside watching tv because we're losers. Broke losers.
I think we need to start working on a list of 50 things to do that don't involve money!

There is also this:

Friday, July 3, 2009


I have NO ENERGY today! none! I feel like a zombie.

Update tomorrow! I got some Amazing Grass samples in the mail today, as well as the shaker cup, so more on that once I get some rest.