Tuesday, November 18, 2008

by myself!!

I am on my own now!! I had two days by myself and actually, it is so much better. Everything is on my schedule and I do things when I want them and how I want them. I was terrified at first, but now...okay, now still kind of scared, but working through it. And I think I'm doing pretty good too because after my first day, two of my patients requested to have me again for today and one took down my name because she said she wanted to send me a card!!!
Also, in the cafeteria I saw Sandi and a group of med surg 1 USF students. aw, it made me smile so much because I know how they feel. I just told them to stay in school because it's worth it!!!

OOH and today I had a patient who was 100!! I loved him. All day yesterday and today he would ask me when he was leaving and I would tell him, then he would, without fail, say, "oh you're going to miss me!!" and I would say YES OF COURSE, and he would laugh or say, "No, I'm only kidding." lol. aaha.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Life has been absolutely wonderful since getting my license. I am set up with an awesome preceptor and I feel like everyday I grow as a nurse. I still feel that my heart belongs in critical care, but I have to start somewhere and I feel that tele is definitely the perfect stepping stone. I should probably be finished with orientation by the end of November, so I still have about a month to go.

Besides the nursing "stuff," everything in life seems to be falling into place. I moved into my first real apartment on October 9th and I've slowly been organizing and what-not. It is a definite work-in-progress, but I am young and I have time to decorate!!:)
Here is a link to a slideshow: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31987402@N07/sets/72157608602952647/show/

When I moved, I had a ton of help from Mirza's family and friend, Z. He gave me a lot of furniture, as did Mirza's mom, Alma. I am so grateful for them. Yesterday, Mirza and I headed over to JoAnne's with the intent of finding new fabric to cover a dining room set Z gave me. This was my first attempt at any sort of "re-upholstering," but I think the end result came out great!

What do you think?

Also, I never really posted any pics from graduation, so here are a few: