Tuesday, July 3, 2007

rock this town.

You know what I hate?? When someone is alert, yet confused and someone will talk about them like they aren't there. For instance, today I was with a male tech and this one woman could respond (most of the time) to questions, but she was a bit disoriented. Anyway, she was incontinent of urine, so he and I were changing her bed and getting her cleaned up while she was still in it. Now, this woman will literally be smiling and then within the snap of a finger, she will look like she is praying and then BAM---bawling!! So of course, she starts to cry and I am holding her hand while he is trying to clean her up and he is just like, "Makes you look forward to old age, huh?" I was like..ha yeah, but I was actually kind of like...annoyed. I mean, this woman is exposed to the world (ok, maybe just me and him, but either way, no one likes to be exposed like that), she is obviously having some anxiety issues, crying, and all he can say is some smart ass comment like she isn't even in the room?
Seriously. I don't like that. Yeah, she may be confused and it is frustrating dealing with mentally unstable patients, but they are still human, geez.

I learned that coworkers can ruin a good thing. Like I said, I like my job so far and pretty much everyone has been helpful and/or nice, but you know how someone can have a bad attitude and it just irks you? Well, I learned to focus on the patient because--truly, there are some very grateful and cool people out there who are happy for your help. Of course there are some people who will never be satisfied, but if I just really focus on the positive patients, who thank me profusely for doing something as simple as helping them take a shower, then I think that will make my job worth doing. Today I got a page that said, "Raspberry Stethoscope is needed in room__." The male tech was like, "Wow, she must like you!" since usually it just says "Room__ needs bathroom/water/whatever." She said she was only comfortable with me! booya.