Friday, April 30, 2010

Preventing Injury during Tri Training

Worked a solid 12.5 hours today. Another 12.5 hours tomorrow.

Today while working, I started to feel slight, sharp pain on the top of my right foot, the same place where about 3 years I got a stress fracture from training inappropriately for a 5k (that I never did because of the injury, and gave up running ever since). This was a self-diagnosis as I was a broke college student at the time.
Anyway, I think today my shoes were just too tight because it feels okay now. But I got to thinking, I need to be really, really careful not to over exert myself because I could easily get injured and then not be able to do the triathlons. I am putting a lot of time, and especially money into this, so that would be kind of devastating!!

What are your best tips for preventing injury when training for a race or something new?

I gave in and paid for my registration for Trek Women's Triathlon Series at Walt Disney World Resort~!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tri news.

No backing out now!!
I just filled out the registration and PAID for my first sprint triathlon!

I will also be doing one in September, but I am waiting to register for that one until my next paycheck because it is significantly more! It also sounds more much exciting since it is all women, at Disney, etc.

In other related news, I am more than likely going to be joining this Triathlete training program for SWIMMING. The coach and I spoke on the phone and I have two options, so I am ruminating through those. He also does about 6-8 open water swims each month, so it is perfect. Details to follow when I come to a final decision.

I purchased a swim suit today, too! Actually, I bought one last night, but I hate it. I am not comfortable in it at all. I'm debating whether or not to post a picture of me in my ONE PIECE suit. How do they size these things?? It makes no sense! I found a nice, solid black one today. It is classic and basic, I like it!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trying a Tri

I'm sure everyone can guess what I did as soon as I got home from the triathlon on Sunday...
Yes, I looked up triathlons for me!
I'm sure if you remember in February when I first got my bike that I was quite excited about doing a sprint triathlon. I had planned to do one in June that my hospital puts on, but then I lost enthusiasm and got caught up in issues at work/home/etc. I also seriously questioned whether I could ever do one based on my fitness level. I realize this is just stupid because I need to train for this event. Obviously, I cannot just wake up and expect to be able to do this!! Plus, I'm 25, in good shape, eat healthy, so there is NO REASON that I cannot do this!!

Watching St. A's tri truly inspired me to venture out of my comfort zones and do the sprint triathlon.

Currently, I am looking at these:

This one is at Fort Desoto in August:

Family Fitness Weekend

This one sounds awesome because it is sponsored by Trek (my bike), it is all women, and it is by Disney in September:

Trek Women's Triathlon series

My sister mentioned doing them both. She thinks the first one can be like a practice--to see how it works, get comfortable, and then the second one will be better.

As you can see, I'm giving myself plenty of time to get used to all three events. I'm also looking into these open water swim nights from a local triathlon club. I have also e-mailed a swim coach about possible coaching.

I'm not going to let anything stop me this time, not even the fear of the water or the HEAT (August/September in Florida=HELL ON EARTH).

Yesterday, I went on a (approximate) 8-9 mile bike ride. It took me 38 minutes. Baby steps, baby steps!!
I park my car at a local Target and jump on the Pinellas Trail from there, which is right in the back.
When I come back from Washington, DC in mid-May, I am going straight to the bike shop to get the clip-in shoes/pedals. I would do it sooner, but I need the money for my vacation:)

After my ride yesterday, I refueled with a big green monster, and then got to baking! I was craving blueberry muffins!
(I love my apron)
(Recipe was derived from Jenna: . I used frozen berries since the organic ones were cheaper than conventional fresh)

Later, we went downtown and sat on the bench for awhile.

Friendly dog who came over to say hello!

Other random photos:


To continue with my triathlon post, today I started the Couch-to-5K program!!
I successfully completed work-out 1. I wasn't going for distance, just the time intervals that they specify in the program for work-out 1. I did 1.71 miles on the treadmill. I know this sounds like nothing, especially compared to all of the marathon runners out there, but like I said--BABY STEPS!!
I am not a runner. But maybe someday I will be. I am trying to be enthusiastic about running, tricking my brain/emotions into thinking that I LOVE RUNNING, but I would much rather not be doing it, hehe. POSITIVITY!!

Here I am before my "run," in all my glory, bahaha.

After my "run," I made a Cherry Chocolate Bomb Shake, and then ran some errands.
Lunch was inspired by Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point (who rocks, by the way). The other day she made some vegetarian sloppy joes. I made a vegan sloppy joe a few weeks ago, but those had lentils. Caitlin made hers with tempeh! Eager to try something new, I made them for lunch today with roasted broccoli, portobello mushrooms, and potatoes.
I have never tried tempeh before, so I was kind of scared, but I trust Caitlin, so I went for it.

Thoughts? DELICIOUS!!!
Thank you, Caitlin!!
Are you training for anything right now?? 
Also, any tips for triathlon training is muy appreciated.

St. Anthony's Triathlon 2010 Recap: part 2

See below if you missed part 1!

After the first male pro-athlete passed me on his bike to begin his run, I hung around the bike start/finish area for quite awhile. It was truly uplifting to see everyone push themselves so hard. At one point, all I could hear was CLICK CLICK CLICK as everyone clipped into their bike pedals. However, there was one guy who appeared kind of flustered and I think he may have clipped into both pedals without getting a little bit of a start and then he just toppled straight over onto the pavement! I felt so bad because you could tell he was freaking out a little bit, trying to get up and out of the other biker's ways. When he finally got his footing and pedaled away, I yelled, "YOU ROCK, DUDE, KEEP GOING, YOU'RE AWESOME!!!"

I wanted to get a good spot for when the runners came in. Found a nice place right at the finish line.

We waited and waited until finally the announcer said the first pro male triathlete was coming in. The person next to me saw his head come around the corner and both commented that he was going so fast that it looked like he was still on the bike! geez. Everyone was cheering and screaming!! I was thrilled to be that close.
Here he comes...

Here's a video. I apologize that it is turned sideways, but in my excitement, I did not even realize.

Cameron Dye 1:48.44. He beat the 2nd place finalist by 20 seconds. yikes!

I watched as the top 10 male ran in...but I was mostly just waiting for the females!!

The announcer informed us that it might be neck-and-neck for the top spot for females.
Eventually, at 1:58.49 Sarah Haskins made it over the finish line! 
I must be honest, when she ran past us, I almost wanted to cry. Tears welled in my eyes. It was  EPIC!  The enthusiasm from the audience was mind-blowing and really made you happy just to be watching such an amazing accomplishment. The human body and mind are amazing.
And here is my crappy video. Obviously I did not film her very well because I was too busy screaming, haha!!

Insert any word for "inspiring" here!

Monday, April 26, 2010

St. Anthony's Triathlon 2010 Recap: part 1

Hello! It's been a few days. I've been working, yawn.

I specifically made sure I was not scheduled for yesterday though because of St. Anthony's Triathlon. It seems like every year it comes and goes and then I hear about it and kick myself for not remembering to go watch. This year, however, I wrote it on my calendar!

But first, here is a ridiculous story: my alarm went off early since I wanted to see the triathlon from beginning to end, at least with the pro athletes.  When I walked out to my car it was still dark, and I thought I saw something two cars down from mine, so I stopped, and then realized it was a person crouching down, hiding behind a car. My heart started immediately racing and I imagined all of these terrible scenarios of someone hiding and ready to pounce on me. I hauled ass up the stairs and fiddled with my keys, thinking someone might be after me! I was freakin' scared!!!! I slammed the door locked behind me and went into my room to look out the window.
Stupid me, turns out it was just one of the neighbors getting ready to go fishing. It looked like he was hiding because he was picking supplies off the ground to place in his truck. hahah! Well, I followed by instincts anyway. -->paranoid freak!

Besides that fiasco, I was super excited to go to the triathlon. I couldn't get Mirza to  wake up that early, but that's okay because I had fun by myself.

Watching all of the marked tri-athletes walk to the water was exhilarating. I started questioning whether I could do something like that, and imagining what it must feel like to walk to the starting point.

(That's the pier--downtown St. Petersburg, Fl)

Finally, the guns went off and the pro male athletes started. I honestly could not see them in the water.
I walked out far, too; close to the end of the wall until it ended, but I could not see anyone swimming!?
I know they were out there!

I decided to walk over to the bikes, hoping to catch the first person, but he was too fast for me!! I got close to the Vinoy and then I heard the sirens and saw a white SUV leading a definitely serious pro-triathlete through the streets of downtown St. Petersburg! It was inspiring because there were hundred of people cheering and screaming.

After that, I spent a long time over by the bikes watching them head out, until I had to walk back to my car to put change in the meter.

Snapped these on my way to the car

I love downtown St. Pete. We used to spend so much time there when Mirza and I first started dating, but then it just got kind of old. Even over the past 7 years, it has changed tremendously. There are a lot more shops and restaurants. I lived downtown about 2 years ago while finishing up nursing school. I would definitely love to live there again, but it is far from my job.

It was also a perfect day. Not too hot, with a breeze. But I'm sure the wind kind of sucked for the participants.

I made my way back to the race site. As I was walking back, I heard the sirens again around the same spot and sure enough, it was the male pro athlete in the lead coming back from his 40k bike ride!! grrrr, he was too fast for me again.
I did manage to film a quick video, but it is bad quality.
Other random photos:

This post is beginning to get long and photo-heavy. Look for part 2 later this afternoon with the results of the race and pictures of the top athletes running towards the finish line! totally epic.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Today was one of those "I-don't-feel-like-working-tomorrow-after-4-days-off-so-i-will-do-anything-to-keep-myself-busy" kind of days, whew.

I hacked into half of a watermelon.
An entire pineapple
And blended up some hummus in my Vitamix

All while munching on these addicting little suckers:
These are "True North" Pecan, Almond, and Peanut clusters. Impossible to have just a few.

Dinner was my old stand-by of "mediterranean pizza," which is a pita bread with hummus and feta, baked for 5 minutes in a hot oven, and then topped with spinach, kalamata olives, tomatoes, etc. The thing that makes them so delicious are the olives. You have to get the good kind in grape juice.

I also had leftover white bean chili on the side.

The best part of my day was watching the documentary, "The Business of Being Born."  Honestly, if you ever plan to have a child, you need to watch this. There honestly really was not any new information in this movie that I did not know or learn already as an RN, but it definitely solidified my feelings about how I want my own births.
Work tomorrow, sigh.

PS: Kristen's Raw is having a giveaway, check it out here:

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday to Sunday part 2

So, on Saturday, we ventured over to the Red Mesa Cantina .

Waiting anxiously for food.

I actually WAS anxious because I ordered a tofu taco! I have never tried tofu, so I was scared that I might not like it. I'm big on textures.
I got two of the tofu tacos, which are "Tamarind marinated tofu, rajas, pineapple, jalapenos, jack cheese"
I opted not to get the cheese since I had a red bean quesadilla at home earlier in the day. On the side, I had my favorite: yuca fries~

Verdict? Not bad! Mirza said it was like mozzarella cheese! I also found it quite filling, but it may have been the yuca fries with chipotle ketchup...;)

Mirza ordered the Alambres with beef. He's been eating all vegetarian lately with me, so I think he felt the need for meat lol.

We somehow managed to save room for dessert (not really, we forced it) because we LOVE their banana split. From their website: "Chipotle chocolate and dulce de leche gelatos in a crisp sugar & cinnamon sopapilla with fresh bananas, strawberries, pineapple topped with cajeta caramel, mexican chocolate sauce and whipped cream"
Words cannot describe.

We hated it, obviously:

Earlier in the day while Mirza was teaching guitar, I picked up my CSA share.

And Sunday was a lazy rainy day. I love the rain when you have no place to go or be!

Max liked it, too:

 I got in a great upper body work out from my apartment's gym. I've been using it a lot more since they added free-weights and got new machines. I actually might not renew my membership to Shape's because I have the gym here, my bike, the pools, and I honestly have not been using the classes there much anymore.

After my work out, I had big plans to try the infamous Cherry Chocolate Bomb Shake! 
Everything went into the Vitamix and out came a delicious concoction. I was mostly excited to try out my new Glass Dharma straws.

I love these glass straws! They actually make drinking smoothies easier and more enjoyable! 
I will definitely be ordering more. I want some with the colorful decorative dots. I highly recommend these if you love smoothies as much as me!
As for the Cherry Chocolate Bomb Shake? Amazing! So chocolatey and rich. Lots of protein, too!


In other news, as some of you may or may not know, I was lucky enough to win a scholarship from my hospital for an all-expense paid trip to NTI and Critical Care Exposition, which is in Washington, DC this year. I am so thrilled to go, and will be staying at the GRAND HYATT HOTEL!! Everything has been paid for by the hospital. All free to me. aaah.
Since everything is FREE, including flight, it just made sense to buy a ticket for Mirza to come along, too! His birthday is the following week, so this is kind of a birthday gift to him. We've been together for 7 years, and we have never been anywhere on vacation together, besides family outings, so touring the capital and staying in a beautiful hotel for free feels like the perfect getaway!