Wednesday, April 7, 2010

labels, boats, good food

I've been missing in action the past few days. I guess I just feel like it is pointless to post in this thing at times since no one reads, haha. oh well, I like to do it, so I will just do it for myself.

In my last post, I photographed 3 books that I purchased--vegetarian and vegan. Have I decided to change my eating habits? Read on to find out more...


I worked the weekend, and then on Monday, I was invited onto a boat with my aunt, uncle, mom, and stepdad. We drove all throughout Tierra Verde gawking at the mansions and giant boats.

Big ass boat. This was actually docked outside someone's house. crazy

The Don Cesar

We anchored at a shell island for lunch

Even though I'm not much of a water or sun person, I think it would be absolutely lovely to own a boat someday. It is relaxing!

Has anyone tried kale chips? They've been making their way through the blog world for awhile now. I covered mine in evoo, salt, and red pepper flakes, baked at 320 for about 20 minutes. They were amazing!!! I enjoyed mine with some popcorn (homemade in a pan with evoo)

I think kale chips are perfect if you're part of a CSA and subsequently have tons of leftover kale....however, that will not be an issue for me any longer.



I mulled over what to spend my team award on. It was generous this year, for sure. In all reality, I should have saved it, but let's face it, there's a lot of things I should be doing and usually I DO, but I just kind of want to do something for myself.  I received the shipping email this morning: 

Your Vita-Mix product is on its way so you can start enjoying the health benefits immediately! 

 It should be here by Friday! I have off Sat, Sun, Mon, so this works out great.

What should I make first?!
As for eats, yesterday I dug into my new cookbooks and made dolmas (stuffed grape leaves) and "super-Charge me!" cookies...

So what have I decided about my eating habits?
You'll have to wait until my next post....


Joanna Ashleigh said...

So ya know, I love reading your blog, and do read every single post... I'm not very good at the commenting part, I'll have to work on that! :-)

Niki said...

I read too! So don't stop blogging :) I have tried kale chips but forgot all about them! Must get more kale soon! I think you should make a Green Monster with your Vitamix first thing!

Raspberry Stethoscope said...

Thanks guys!:) I wont stop, and I definitely intend to make a green monster. I've been craving them so much lately, especially since my other blender broke. mmmmmm cannot wait to pulverize everything

Unknown said...

I love your blog, please don't stop writing! :) said...

I love being out on a boat! It's so relaxing!!!!! I was reading through your posts and I just have to comment on Max. He's so cute!!! I can't believe he does those tricks! Too cute!

I noticed you had a question about the nutritional information of the GoodBelly drinks that I reviewed on my site. I posted all of the information on today's post!