Tuesday, April 27, 2010

St. Anthony's Triathlon 2010 Recap: part 2

See below if you missed part 1!

After the first male pro-athlete passed me on his bike to begin his run, I hung around the bike start/finish area for quite awhile. It was truly uplifting to see everyone push themselves so hard. At one point, all I could hear was CLICK CLICK CLICK as everyone clipped into their bike pedals. However, there was one guy who appeared kind of flustered and I think he may have clipped into both pedals without getting a little bit of a start and then he just toppled straight over onto the pavement! I felt so bad because you could tell he was freaking out a little bit, trying to get up and out of the other biker's ways. When he finally got his footing and pedaled away, I yelled, "YOU ROCK, DUDE, KEEP GOING, YOU'RE AWESOME!!!"

I wanted to get a good spot for when the runners came in. Found a nice place right at the finish line.

We waited and waited until finally the announcer said the first pro male triathlete was coming in. The person next to me saw his head come around the corner and both commented that he was going so fast that it looked like he was still on the bike! geez. Everyone was cheering and screaming!! I was thrilled to be that close.
Here he comes...

Here's a video. I apologize that it is turned sideways, but in my excitement, I did not even realize.

Cameron Dye 1:48.44. He beat the 2nd place finalist by 20 seconds. yikes!

I watched as the top 10 male ran in...but I was mostly just waiting for the females!!

The announcer informed us that it might be neck-and-neck for the top spot for females.
Eventually, at 1:58.49 Sarah Haskins made it over the finish line! 
I must be honest, when she ran past us, I almost wanted to cry. Tears welled in my eyes. It was  EPIC!  The enthusiasm from the audience was mind-blowing and really made you happy just to be watching such an amazing accomplishment. The human body and mind are amazing.
And here is my crappy video. Obviously I did not film her very well because I was too busy screaming, haha!!

Insert any word for "inspiring" here!