Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday to Sunday part 1

Whoa, where did the time go? it's been a week since my last post?

Where did we leave off? oh yes, that's! where else?

Still haven't had any animal flesh and have no real desire to, either. I've been enjoying tons of healthy food, and I feel really great physically.  And I've been LOVING my Vitamix.

We've been making sorbet's, soups, etc.

Last Sunday, we went on a fun walk on the Pinellas Trail.


The last week was mostly just spent working. yawn. Although I like my job and what I'm doing on most days, there are times when I dream about winning a large chunk of change, moving, and enrolling in the Natural Gourmet Institute. Maybe someday? They do have part-time programs. I could even work and go to school. I honestly think I would love this.

I guess I should continue playing the lottery?

$52 million...I didn't win. shocking.

More later on my CSA and our delicious dinner. Let's just say the best MOST AMAZING banana split was consumed. Folks, you do not want to miss this!!!
Also, I have some VERY EXCITING news about my trip to DC!


Trying To Heal said...

ah, such cute pictures!

and jealous of the vitamix...i want one!

Anonymous said...

hi there :) just saw on the Greens for Good blog that you're from St Pete.. which is awesome! I'm from Clearwater.. graduating UF in 2 weeks.. so I might be moving back home after. I love finding local bloggers!

Susan said...

You could definitely go part-time! That would be awesome...take me with you?