Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tri news.

No backing out now!!
I just filled out the registration and PAID for my first sprint triathlon!

I will also be doing one in September, but I am waiting to register for that one until my next paycheck because it is significantly more! It also sounds more much exciting since it is all women, at Disney, etc.

In other related news, I am more than likely going to be joining this Triathlete training program for SWIMMING. The coach and I spoke on the phone and I have two options, so I am ruminating through those. He also does about 6-8 open water swims each month, so it is perfect. Details to follow when I come to a final decision.

I purchased a swim suit today, too! Actually, I bought one last night, but I hate it. I am not comfortable in it at all. I'm debating whether or not to post a picture of me in my ONE PIECE suit. How do they size these things?? It makes no sense! I found a nice, solid black one today. It is classic and basic, I like it!