Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trying a Tri

I'm sure everyone can guess what I did as soon as I got home from the triathlon on Sunday...
Yes, I looked up triathlons for me!
I'm sure if you remember in February when I first got my bike that I was quite excited about doing a sprint triathlon. I had planned to do one in June that my hospital puts on, but then I lost enthusiasm and got caught up in issues at work/home/etc. I also seriously questioned whether I could ever do one based on my fitness level. I realize this is just stupid because I need to train for this event. Obviously, I cannot just wake up and expect to be able to do this!! Plus, I'm 25, in good shape, eat healthy, so there is NO REASON that I cannot do this!!

Watching St. A's tri truly inspired me to venture out of my comfort zones and do the sprint triathlon.

Currently, I am looking at these:

This one is at Fort Desoto in August:

Family Fitness Weekend

This one sounds awesome because it is sponsored by Trek (my bike), it is all women, and it is by Disney in September:

Trek Women's Triathlon series

My sister mentioned doing them both. She thinks the first one can be like a practice--to see how it works, get comfortable, and then the second one will be better.

As you can see, I'm giving myself plenty of time to get used to all three events. I'm also looking into these open water swim nights from a local triathlon club. I have also e-mailed a swim coach about possible coaching.

I'm not going to let anything stop me this time, not even the fear of the water or the HEAT (August/September in Florida=HELL ON EARTH).

Yesterday, I went on a (approximate) 8-9 mile bike ride. It took me 38 minutes. Baby steps, baby steps!!
I park my car at a local Target and jump on the Pinellas Trail from there, which is right in the back.
When I come back from Washington, DC in mid-May, I am going straight to the bike shop to get the clip-in shoes/pedals. I would do it sooner, but I need the money for my vacation:)

After my ride yesterday, I refueled with a big green monster, and then got to baking! I was craving blueberry muffins!
(I love my apron)
(Recipe was derived from Jenna: http://eatliverun.com/good-stuff-all-around/ . I used frozen berries since the organic ones were cheaper than conventional fresh)

Later, we went downtown and sat on the bench for awhile.

Friendly dog who came over to say hello!

Other random photos:


To continue with my triathlon post, today I started the Couch-to-5K program!!
I successfully completed work-out 1. I wasn't going for distance, just the time intervals that they specify in the program for work-out 1. I did 1.71 miles on the treadmill. I know this sounds like nothing, especially compared to all of the marathon runners out there, but like I said--BABY STEPS!!
I am not a runner. But maybe someday I will be. I am trying to be enthusiastic about running, tricking my brain/emotions into thinking that I LOVE RUNNING, but I would much rather not be doing it, hehe. POSITIVITY!!

Here I am before my "run," in all my glory, bahaha.

After my "run," I made a Cherry Chocolate Bomb Shake, and then ran some errands.
Lunch was inspired by Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point (who rocks, by the way). The other day she made some vegetarian sloppy joes. I made a vegan sloppy joe a few weeks ago, but those had lentils. Caitlin made hers with tempeh! Eager to try something new, I made them for lunch today with roasted broccoli, portobello mushrooms, and potatoes.
I have never tried tempeh before, so I was kind of scared, but I trust Caitlin, so I went for it.

Thoughts? DELICIOUS!!!
Thank you, Caitlin!!
Are you training for anything right now?? 
Also, any tips for triathlon training is muy appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I just saw your tweet congrats on the up coming blog anniversary! Thanks for leading the way online for nurses!

Joanna Ashleigh said...

I'm currently preparing for our big out of state performance with my belly dance troupe. It's coming up on May 14th! Here's our video from last year if you're curious. :)