Sunday, April 11, 2010

my decision.

Okay, so I've kept everyone hanging for awhile since my last post regarding if I have become a vegetarian or not...

And the simple answer is...there isn't one!

What it all comes down to is labels. I have a real difficult time with committing to label myself "vegetarian," "vegan," or even "flexitarian." I love food. I love good food. And I can say that within the past two weeks, I have actually made some substantial food changes. Granted, I have always been eating a healthy and well-rounded diet, but the past 2+ weeks I have been eating strictly vegetarian and probably 90% vegan. And for me, it's been easy!! I love to experiment and try new things. The important thing is not to think about what you're not eating, but all of the other amazing options out there. In addition, I feel like I've had more energy and even a better attitude, despite whether or not this can be attributed to my food intake or just general life, it doesn't matter.

I've really struggled with this topic and this post for awhile. Do I want to tell everyone I've gone "all the way" and label myself into a specific genre of food eaters? What if I change my mind? What if I want a big, juicy steak!? or a big hunk of cheese??

I have so much respect and admiration for all the vegans in the blog world. I love to make "vegan" meals and they make me feel great after I eat them. Also, I know in my heart that a plant based diet is the best for me and for the environment. When I see ANY animal, I know they have emotions and thoughts just like us and it makes me incredibly sad to think of all the torture they go through just for US. As if we're any more special or better than them!! Not to mention how meat consumption effects the environment.

Still, despite all of this and every valid point or reason for going "all the way," I still do not want to commit to the label.

So, for now, I am just going to continue eating the way I have been the last two weeks, and continue to choose the most healthy choice if I am given two roads. If someone wants to call that vegetarian, then hey, I guess I am one!

This video pretty sums up my feelings:


In less serious news, but OH SO Vitamix has arrived!!!!!!!
It was on my doorstep when I came home from work on Friday, but I was so exhausted that I chose to leave it for the morning, like Christmas!!
I'll let the images speak for themselves...

Unfortunately, I learned that I do indeed have an oral allergy syndrome to raw peaches:( Everytime I eat them, my lips swell and become itchy. I learned this again last night when we made peach sorbet in the vitamix. damnit.
not cool!


Niki said...

I'm with ya on the labeling issue. I think it's important just to eat what you want and what makes you feel good! And that doesn't matter if you are a vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, or whatever. So exciting you got a vitamix!!

Trying To Heal said...

kudos to you on not taking a label. i've been having a hard time giving up mine, being a veg head for almost 7 years! i kinda feel like i've missed out on some foodie experiences because i don't eat meat!

Not Nurse Ratched said...

Labels are damaging. handy for restaurants sometimes, but I find they mainly give people ammunition to be jerks. They can eat steak daily and drive a Hummer but if they see a "vegan" eat a drop of honey they'll condemn you in a second. Annoying.

Kelly said...

I just found your blog through a link on thekitchn, and I am loving it :)

I am the same way w/labels. My husband and I rarely ever eat meat anymore..and I could PROBABLY go the vegetarian route... But sometimes, I just want some bacon! Or buffalo wings! Or! You get the idea :)