Sunday, December 17, 2006


What does everyone think of starting a scrapbook for nursing school?
I've never made one before, so it would be a new hobby. The only thing is that I don't have a lot of pictures from this past semester, so I don't know. Suggestions?

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Final grades:
Fundamentals: 92.4% B
Clinicals: Satisfactory
Physical exam/assessment: 95% A
Pathophysiology: 97%A



Tuesday, December 12, 2006

You're know you're in nursing school when/if...

The other week during our presentation, something really made me look around and laugh.
We were all eating pizza, with various toppings while watching a powerpoint presentation on cervical cancer. It was filled with pictures of the cervix, cancer, and other images that no normal person in their right mind would want to see when eating pizza, but damnit--I looked around and everyone was chowing down like it was no big deal.
It was awesome.
Gotta love nursing school.
After yesterday's HESI, I feel like I need to step it up a bit even more for next semester. I mean, I did study extremely hard this semester, but I can't even imagine what the MS-HESI will be like if Fundamentals was that torturous.
I plan on buying my books for Spring on Friday. This way, I'll have them all Christmas break and when I have nothing to do, like when Mirza is working or practicing, I will knock out some chapters. They already posted the psych chapters for the first two days of class. Everyone says that Pharm sucks too, so I better get a start on that as well!
I should really be studying for Patho and Physical assessment right now.
I am just bummed that my 92.4% is staying as it is and my final grade for Fundamentals is a B. 0.6% away from an A.
If I get A's in the rest of my classes though, my GPA will stay the same as it was before nursing school--a solid 3.7.

Monday, December 11, 2006


I don't give a shit what anyone says, that HESI exam was hard.
First of all, it had questions about the size of needles and shit, which we never ever covered--it sucked!!

I got an 899, which is a 78%. I got the highest out of my group, which is good, I guess. People were getting like 50% and shit.
It says that an acceptable score is 850 and a recommended score is 900, so I was one point away from "recommended."
The average score last semester for Fund was 821. And the average score for the nation was 826, so I did better than 62% of the nation's nursing students, while only 38% of the nation's students had higher scores than me.

THIS BLOWS though because my grade in fundamentals is a 92.37 and I need a 93% for an A!:(
I hope they can somehow throw out questions or something!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Finals week

I have been studying like a mad woman for this Fundamentals HESI. I am going insane. It is now almost 10pm (despite what the dumb time says on my this blog) and I don't know how I feel. I am nervous. The information isn't even hard really, it is just the way they word the questions so DUMB and confusing! arghhhh.
I started studying around 10:30 this morning once I noticed a professor posted an outline of "what to know," which took me until almost 4 to go over . Then at 6 I went to a study group.
I don't know what else to do!?
I think I will do a super quick review of all 40+ chapters and then go to bed, wake up at 6:30, review all morning and finally take the dumb thing at 12:00.
I need an 85% to get an A (93%) in the class, which means I can miss 8 out of 55.
Watch me miss 9!

Friday, December 8, 2006

Elder Abuse

Did anyone watch Primetime the other night on ABC ?
They had this thing where they would have someone talk really loud on the phone in a restaurant to see how people would react, or have children be realllly annoying.
One scenario involved a 90 year old man in a wheeelchair with his caregiver (one in scrubs and then one in regular clothes, like a family member) in the park. Then they had the caregiver abuse the old man physically and verbally when someone walked by (he would smack his hands when someone looked away or push the old man in the wheelchair).
Holy crap. It made me really sad. Even though it was fake, I still felt so bad for the old man because you know this type of thing happens all of the time. It made me want to go out and be a gerontologic nurse, haha.
They said out of 100 people, 75 people walked by and only 15 people actually did something, either telling the man to stop or calling 911. Isn't that horrible? I know people can say, "oh yeah, I would do something," but when you get in the situation, it's difficult because for one--the caregiver was a man, so if you're a woman, you might be intimidated. Also, people do not like to get involved with conflict. However, I honestly think I would have done SOMETHING. I mean, GOSH!! It was horrible!!!
As far as the cell phone thing, I probably wouldn't have done anything, except sit there and be annoyed, but for this, I can honestly say something would have been done on my part.

From What do the experts say?

The experts agree: Do something. Anything.

"If you're uncomfortable, call police officers or get involved," Gelles says. "Go up to the person on the receiving end of the abuse and say, 'I'm uncomfortable with how you're being treated. … Can I help you?'

If the victim responds, Gelles adds, follow his lead. If he's not capable of responding, turn to the caregiver. Tell the caregiver you're really uncomfortable with his or her behavior and ask for the name of the caregiver's employer.

The caregiver may not recognize that his or her behavior is abusive, Keating says. She suggests approaching the recipient of the abuse first.

"Smile and try to defuse the situation, or direct conversation toward the elderly person. Make the elderly person. … A person," she says.

"If you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem," Gelles says. "If you walk away from social injustice, you become part of the social injustice."

I'm bringin' nursing back!

Today felt SOOOOO long.
I got 100% on my patho quiz! That means I will have an A if I can make a 74 on the final, which should be pretty easy, so I am almost guaranteed an A.
I came home around 7 and hung out with Mirza for awhile. Now it is 1:35 and I should sleep. The weekend will be full of studying...oi.
I am thinking I will sleep in a little though because if I start too early then I burn out later and I feel guilty when it's evening time and I am not studying.
For my own self, tomorrow I will:
-Finish physical exam notecards so I have them for next week
-Order all my patho cards to coorelate for the 40 chapters, pick out the ones he chose.
-Organize a study plan for Fundamentals for the next 3 days by chapter and questions, etc.
-Take out chicken to defrost.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

How it went

I just got back from presenting my case study. We were presenting from 9-2...felt like forever! It was cool though because our instructor bought us pizza, woo, she rocks. I got 100% on my case study. She wrote,""Excellent presentation --an under diagnosed and understood disease. Quiz was good interactive creative tool!! Thanks."

Glad that is over and done. Now I need to sit here for like a half hour and do nothing (lol), followed by extreme notecard making.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Case study boredom

The semester is coming to a close. I can't believe how quickly it went. It seems like just the other day I was posting about my acceptance into the program.
Currently I need to be finishing my case study for clinicals--it's on Ovarian cancer and I'm really not that interested in doing it at all. I want to STUDY, not do stupid projects. We have to give a 20-30 minute presentation on it, but that is definitely not going to happen. It is due tomorrow at 9am. I only have about 11 slides. I should really be working on it. Right now it is 11am; I want to have it done by, let's saaaaaaay: 3.
Edit: It is now 1:30 and I finished it!!!!:):) It totally sucks, but I don't care.
After that I need to make about 500 notecards for Patho.
Then I'll probably go over Mirza's to play the Wii, if my car starts okay. I really shouldn't go over his house because I have to study. ughhh, it's so hard to just NOT GO!!
This is what I have coming up:
-Tomorrow: Case Study
-Thursday: Patho quiz covering 8 chapters
-Monday: Fundamentals HESI EXAM (aaaaah!)<--need an 85 to get an A in Fundamentals, which means I can miss 8 out of 55!! -Thursday: Physical exam final <---need an 87 to get an A because it is worth 40% of my grade. Patho final THE END!! CHRISTMAS BREAK!! Cannot wait.
Wish me luck.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

How it went

Just wanted to update about how my head-to-toe went. In the morning, I was SOO NERVOUS with stomach flips and heart palpitations. Mirza came over and we practiced twice before we finally left.
About 3 minutes into the exam, I consciously said to my self, "Hey, I'm not even nervous!?" It was weird--all my nervousness went away. I wasn't red and blotchy and my heart wasn't beating fast like I had anticipated. I think it is because my instructor is so awesome.
Anyway, the only things I forgot were CVA tenderness and aorta width, but I guess almost everyone left those out. Also, I think I left out the babinski reflex, but she thought I did it. Another funny thing is when I was examining the ear, I was about to move onto the mouth area and my instructor, without even looking up, quietly and calmly handed me the tuning fork. I was like "ooooh yes, now I will do the Rinne and Weber tests!" ahhaha.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Well, tomorrow is the "big day"--my full head-to-toe motor exam. It has to be done in a half hour. I practiced on Mirza last night and I did it in 27 minutes. However, I really want to practice it one more time tonight because I know it'll be a lot more scary when someone else is watching and grading and I might easily forget something under pressure. I'm feeling pretty good about it at this point though because when I practice, the most I ever miss is 1 or 2 and I realize it before the exam is done and I do it, so they can't take away points, except for not in logical order. We need an 85%.

This is the exam (I rewrote it so it was in "logical sequence"):
Head-to-Toe Motor Exam


· Introduce yourself and explain exam.

-Ask them to remember 3 words: Apple, Book, Cat (Cognitive ability-memory (0.5))

-Inspect skin 0.5

-Palpate skin (turgor, texture, temperature) 0.5

-Hair—Inspect 0.5

-Nails- Inspect and palpate (clubbing, capillary refill) 1.0

-Observe facial features for symmetry 0.5

-Assess CN V—Trigeminal (Motor and Sensory) 1.0
Ask them to clench their teeth
Rub cotton on face for them to feel

-Assess CN VII –Facial (Motor only) 0.5
Ask to smile, frown, squeeze eyes, raise eyebrows)

-Palpate head and scalp, including sinuses and TMJ 2.0

-Palpate and auscultate temporal arteries. Inspect neck and neck veins. 2.0

-Palpate neck: 1.5
-Lymph nodes (state which ones)

-Assess CN XI-Spinal Accessory 0.5
-Ask them to shrug their shoulders

Before each ROM say inspecting joints/muscles 1.0

-Neck 2.0
-Lateral bending

-Neck Strength 2.0

-Shoulder 2.0
-Internal rotation
-External rotation

-Shoulder strength 2.0

-Elbow 2.0

-Elbow Strength 2.0
-Reflexes –Upper 2.5

-Wrist 2.0
-Ulnar deviation
-Radial deviation

-Hand strength 2.0

-Fingers 2.0

-Inspection of eyebrows, eyelids, orbital area, eyelashes, lacrimal gland 2.5

-Palpation of orbital area (sclera, conjunctiva) 0.5

-Pupil condition and response to light and accommodation 1.0
CN III (Oculomotor), CN IV (Trochlear), and CN VI (Abducens)

-Direct and consensual response 0.5

-Extraocular movement (six cardinal fields) CN III, IV, VI 0.5

-Fields of peripheral vision CN II Optic 0.5

-Functional vision (Rosenbaum) CN II Optic 0.5

-Ophthalmoscope examination (red reflex using RRR, LLL) 2.0
-Proper use of instrument=1 point

-Inspection and palpation of the ear 1.0

-Otoscope: ear canal and tympanic membrane 2.0
-Proper use of instrument=1 point

-Functional hearing (whisper test) CN VIII Acoustic 0.5

-Assess Rinne (side of head) and Weber (top of head) 1.0

-Inspect external nose 0.5

-Inspect internal nares with otoscope (use diff. Speculum cover) 0.5

-Inspect lips, teeth, buccal mucosa, tongue, floor of mouth 2.5

-Inspect tongue for movement CN XII Hypoglossal 0.5

-Observe movements of soft palate CN IX Glossopharyngeal and X Vagus 0.5

-Inspect anterior, posterior, lateral, chest wall. 0.5

-Respiratory rate, rhythm, and effort (retractions, use of a accessory muscles) 0.5

-Palpate for chest wall (for tenderness, lesions) 0.5

-Thoracic expansion (anterior/posterior) 1.0

-Percussion (anterior, posterior, lateral) from apex to base (note resonance, hyper resonance, dullness 1.5

-Tactile (or voice) fremitus 0.5

-Auscultation of breath sounds from apex to bases (posterior, anterior, lateral) 1.5
Voice sounds: egophony, whispered pectoriloquy, bronchophony

-CVA tenderness (ie-hit kidneys) 0.5

-Inspection of precordium. Describe 6 areas of assessment (aortic, pulmonic, Erb’s point, Tricuspid, Mitral, Epigastric) 3.5

-Palpation of precordium for any heave, thrill, PMI, pulsations 0.5

-**Auscultation of heart in the 6 areas of assessment (sitting) 1.5

-Inspection, palpation, and auscultation of carotids 1.5

- **Location of palpable pulses (2.5)

Laying Down

-Inspection of abdomen (supine position, pillow under head, arms at side, empty bladder 0.5

-**Auscultation of heart while laying down (1.5)

-Auscultation of all quadrants: 3.0
-Bowel sounds
-Renal arteries

-Percussion of abdomen in 4 quadrants 0.5

-Percussion of liver span at MCL 0.5

-Percussion of splenic dullness 0.5

-Light palpation of 4 quadrants 0.5

-Deep palpation of 4 quadrants 0.5

-Palpate aortic pulsation/width 1.0

-Palpate abdominal organs :liver, spleen, kidneys 1.5

-Hip: 3.0
-Internal rotation
-External rotation

-Hip Strength 2.0

-Knee 2.0

-Knee strength 2.0

-Popliteal pulse (2.5)

Sit back up

-Patellar reflex (2.0)

-Ankle 1.0
-Ankle strength 2.0

-Foot 2.0
(of both subtalar joint and transverse tarsal joint)

-Achilles reflex (2.0)

-Babinski reflex


-Dorsalis pulse

-Posterior tibia pulse

-Ask them to repeat the 3 words from the beginning of the exam (0.5)

-Ask them: 1.0
-What would you do if your house was on fire? (judgement)
-What does it mean to say, “Don’t put eggs all in one basket”? (abstraction)

-Sensation 1.5
(lower and upper extremities)

-Discrimination 1.5
-Stereognosis (key in hand)
-Graphesthesia ( Draw 8 in hand)
-Proprioception (Done along with romberg)

-Coordination (finger to nose, nose to finger, alternating, rapid hand patting) 1.0

-Sitting balance (sternal nudge) 0.5

Standing up

-Vertebral column 2.0
-Lateral bending

-Standing balance (Romberg sign) 0.5

-Gait 2.0
-Walk on heels
-Walk on toes

The end!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

If I lay here

Last week I was so unproductive. It was my first week with no clinicals, so I had Tuesday and Wednesday off to *cough* study, but I had a real cough and a tickle in my throat, so I pretty much just sat around and watched tv, I can't even lie! It was okay. I was feeling a bit depressed for awhile, but now I am feeling more positive again. Still, I haven't been getting much productive studying in because of the excitement of holidays coming, but today is a new day! I have today off, so my plan is to knock out two chapters of Fundamentals for hardcore studying. Tomorrow the lab is open from 8-12 to practice head to toe, so I will do that and then study the other two chapters of Fund. because our last test (minus the HESI) is on Monday. It rocks that it only covers 4 chapters, but I also have my head-to-toe next Wednesday and I am FREAKING THE HELL OUT!!!! It is so much to remember and we have to do it all in a half hour.
Over Christmas break we have to do almost this entire Drug calculation book, which we will be tested on when we return from our "break." I guess they will have this thing called Med Pour in the lab, which is like a huge test. Every semester from here on out, we will have a drug calculations test and we have to pass with a 95%, but we get 4 chances, so I am not scared. The cool thing is that I already finished the first 6 chapters of the book because I thought questions from it would be on this test, but I guess not. woohoo for being ahead!

Things I am currently shitting my pants over:
-Head-to-Toe exam
-Fundamentals exam the HELL do we study for this?!

Goals for today:
-Activity/sleep ch. 36--KNOW accomplishment! I needed something to keep me focused, but I didn't want to do notecards, so instead I made a chart with two columns and wrote questions and answers for the chapter--108 to be exact.
-Wound care ch. 47--KNOW
-Review for Patho
-Begin notecards for physical exam/assessment
-Look over stuff for HESI?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Two Group photos of our team, which will probably be deleted soon after I post this...

Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Last clinical day

Tomorrow is my LAST clinical day!
I got my nurse preceptor a little hallmark ornament of a set of scrubs wearing a stethoscope, along with a nice thank you card. I also got a thank you card for the nurse I had last week because I feel like she taught me a lot.
Finally, I bought a box of Whitman's sampler for the entire floor. I hope that isn't tacky, but I figure they eat enough donuts, cookies, and cupcakes as it is. Time for some chocolates!
I feel uneasy about tomorrow though because I have to do TWO Soapies! argh.
Gotta remind myself to bring my camera so we can take a group picture.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

I got skillz....

That is me at Daytona.

woohoo, so today I inserted a foley into a female!!!!
I had practiced in the lab on dummies, but never on a real human. Well, today I GOT THE CHANCE!
My nurse donned sterile gloves as well though and helped with holding the labia back, but I did everything else--it rocked.
Oh, and she said I did a really good job, which was awesome to hear.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Semester 2 schedule

Well, here is the tentative schedule for Semester 2:

Med Surg 1: 8:00-9:20
Med Surg Advantage 1: 1:00-2:50
MS1 lab: 3:30-5:20

MS 1 clinical: 7:00-3:00

Psych nursing 1 clinical: 7:00-2:00

Pharmacology: 12:00-2:50

MS 1: 8:00-9:20
Psych nursing 1: 1:00-3:50

17 credits.

Took Fund exam 3 yesterday: 90%, but still waiting on the results because if 75% or more got a question incorrect then it is thrown out *crosses fingers*
Also, I had a patho quiz, which I didn't do so great on: 22/25=88%. This will hopefully be my drop quiz:(

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

the "convention"

Well, since I am just sitting here while time flies by, not studying..I have decided to write about my experience in Daytona.
For the most part, it was okay/fun, really. The condo was gorgeous, the beach was beautiful (the gulf is still 423423 times better though), and the weather was nice for the most part, except when we woke up and it was 47 degrees!
The reason I took off time from school was mainly to GO TO THE CONVENTION. I am a geek and I was actually excited about the focus sessions and talking with other nursing students and even nurses. What can I say? I'm a big, fat nerd. However, NO ONE else shared this sentiment. There were so many focus sessions I would have loved to attend, but we only ended up going to TWO!! It would have been three had one of them not been cancelled the first day. We attended Physical Exam/Assessment tips and "Pharmacology made INSANELY easy," which is just fine and dandy, except that I'm not even in pharm yet, so it was kind of useless to me.
I would have loved to attend "Studying and Test Taking strategies," but it was cancelled. No one wanted to go earlier with me the next day when it repeated.
"7 Tips for Highly Effective Nurses?" YES! I thought that would have been interesting...apparently I was the only one.
Also, I thought it would have been neat to see how the HOUSE OF DELEGATES worked, but no--once again, I was the only one.
NURSE JEOPARDY? The geek in me would have loved to do this. In fact, the 3rd semester students needed more students. I said, Hey, I'll do it, but none of the people in my group wanted to stay and even WATCH. THEY COULDN'T EVEN STAY AND WATCH ME EMBARASS MYSELF? So, I didn't.
Gosh, I sound like such a push-over, but I'm really not. I almost went by myself at one point to "Volunteering during a disaster, why and how," but then everyone was going out to lunch, and since my friend was helping me with expenses for the entire trip, I did not want to starve.

Another thing that was stupid--we were on Daytona beach and the majority of the time--they sat in the hotel watching E! True Hollywood Stories....WHAT? We're in Daytona, it is beautiful outside, and we never get a break. TV will always be there, but this will not. I layed out by the pool instead. They said it was too cold to lay out, but my friend and I were like PFT, NO. It was warm in the sun and I have a very odd sunburn to prove it.

And finally, Thursday night they decided to go to a club called "Razzles." *blank stare*
1. I don't drink
2. I don't dance
3. I've been around enough drunken people dancing in my life (ie-crazy family members every holiday)

I got all dressed up (overstatement) to go, I was dreading it, but I had two other girls with me who do not drink and who do not dance, so I was like..oook, let's go. I backed out last minute. I just felt too stupid. I know, someone will say--you should have just went, could have made fun of the drunk people, would have been a new experience, etc etc. But seriously, that is just NOT ME. It is not my scene and I don't feel like I should do something just because everyone else is doing it.
So while I was left alone in the beautiful condo, I called Mirza, ate mint chocolate chip ice cream, and I got naked in the jacuzzi. I had fun anyway.
TURNS OUT, I am even more glad I did not go because the stories I heard from everyone that involve making out with strangers, strangers touching you, etc--GLAD that I preserved the images of my classmates as I know them now. Besides of course seeing them drunk at the condo.

It was fun...there were laughs and hot tubs and pools, but seriously? Meh. I would have thoroughly enjoyed the trip if I were with Mirza.

Okay, I will say THIS--it was a much needed break, especially considering the day after our Thanksgiving "break" we have a test. It was a lot of fun visiting a new place and seeing new things. I have some pictures, but I am scared to post them.

I hope no one finds this and hates me, haha.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I'm leaving in about 2 hours for the Florida Nursing Student Association Convention!!!
I have been all up the east coast of America, but somehow missed the east cost of Florida--it'll be a first.
We're staying here:

Everything is packed, including my notes and Fundamentals book, although I don't know how much time study-wise I'll get in! Oh well, I need a break. And as an American, I defnitely do not get enough of them.
Pictures hopefully to come!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Disappointment set in when I opened my blinds this morning to find no sun. However, now that I've been sitting here with the window open, the grey skies and cool breeze is kind of welcomed. I can hear the same person playing saxaphone across the campus as I do for hours everyday and it smells crisp outside. Generally, I do not look forward to winter and cold weather, but for some reason I am excited this year. I don't know what it is.
All I know is that despite all of this drama going on with my life currently, I still have probably one of the best lives around. Mirza is the greatest, most supportive boyfriend in the world. And I get to go to school and study something I love. Also, I love watching this squirrel outside my window. We've developed a relationship since I moved in late August. He jumps from limb to limb and I just watch...I hope he doesn't go away once it gets colder. It will be nice to see my apartment decorated for Christmas.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'll give you an update!!

Okay, let's see....I'm drawing a blank.
Let's not discuss family life because it is nuts, embarassing, digusting, and stressful on every level.

Nursing school recap:
Fundamentals: Exam 3 on Monday Oct 30
Pathophysiology: Quiz covering 6 chapters (heart) Monday Oct 30
Physical Exam and Assessment: Exam 2 Thursday Nov 3rd.

Monday: Fundamentals and patho
Thurs: Same
Fri: Morning-same, leave. Study.
Sat: Study until dead
Sun: Study until dead
Monday: DIE

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ah yes

Ooooh today was definitely...interesting.

I chose my patient to do my PAT on.
She was 25 years old, 31 weeks pregnant, a heroin and crack addict and she smoked a pack a day. ALSO, she was a prostitute.
Last time she did heroin was last week...and she periodically took cigarette breaks...all while pregnant.

But the BEST part was when she was vomitting during my assessment!!! She said, "I need a bucket~!" and I frantically looked around for one and gave her the garbage instead (with the red bags) and then she threw up all over, but I couldn't leave the room immediately like I WANTED TO because I was in a gown and gloves since she was on contact precautions for MRSA and she was Hep. C positive, SOOOOO I had to de-gown and de-glove and wash my hands all while listening to her vomit forever.....FUN TIMES.
I said WELL, thanks, I think I got enough info!!!
But she goes, "Well I feel a lot better now! we don't have to stop." No, really. WE DO.
Before this, she even fell asleep during my interview.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Things are looking better!!

This past week I did not get in a lot of useful studying. I read, yes, but studying? Not so much. It wasn't from pure laziness though. I found homes for almost all of our 5 cats. Two friends of mine from clinicals took two (one of them is mine, who he is holding until I can move out after next semester and into my own apt, as opposed to a dorm), my dear friend Megan took Cinders, my brother took Sable, and my mom's friend took Sadie.
Truly, this week has been stressful. My mother left yesterday--she left everything behind except for a few necessities. Besides that, the apartment was left full of our things and it was disgustingly dirty. My step dad has been taking care of it. I am so glad my mom is gone. Now, the only stress I want in my life should be related to school and money. It is kind of sad when those are WELCOMED now considering the stresses I COULD be facing.

Onto school, last Wednesday I did Hospice. I basically went with a nurse to two patients homes, then she bought me lunch, and then I sat alone in a really boring meeting for 2 hours. It was not the most fufilling or fun experience, but I also had a lot on my mind.
My Fundamentals exam 2 grade is now a 93% (A!!!).
As far as this week goes? I am almost finished with reading for Fund. since the test for that is the Monday after convention. This week I have a patho quiz on Thurs. We have one almost every week, so it's not a big deal.
So far, my grades look like this:
Fundamentals: 95%
Pathophysiology: 96%
Physical Exam/Assessment: 100%
Clinicals/Lab: Satisfactory (we only get S or U).

Perhaps I will begin taking more pictures like I once did, especially for convention. Look for those maybe.

Monday, October 9, 2006

school and life

I have survived Fundamentals Exam #2. I made an 86%. Trust me, this is GOOD. More than half the class failed last time (I made an 80, but a 92 with the curve), so a B is definitely great in my eyes. Also, she will be throwing out some crappy questions, so my grade will go up once again. It just sucks because she refuses to give any sort of study guide, yet it covers 13 chapters (and we go over like 5 chapters in class). She says they used to give study guides, but they can't anymore because then students did not do so well on the Fundamentals HESI at the end of the semester because they only focused on the study guides when you need to know...everything in the book.
Also, today I had a Patho quiz, which covered neurology. It consisted of 40 questions covering 5 chapters. I miss 3, which is a 92 (B...missed an A by one point). Patho is a fun class and it is not difficult because he helps narrow down the information for us a lot. Also, we can drop one quiz and get up to 20 points extra credit for being "victims" in the disaster training thing-a-ma-bobber.
Besides the constant studying, my life is pretty much turning upside down. My mother is an alcoholic and my step father finally left because he can not deal with her constant threats of suicide and refusal to get a job for over a year. Now, he is gone and my mother is left with nothing, so she is moving to Massachusetts and giving away all of our 5 cats (who I love more than life) and pretty much abandoning me in Florida. So, I won't have a family anymore and it's going to suck. Not that it is much of a family anyway, but at least there was the facade. Also, she has MY cat who cannot live with me since I am in dorm, so now she is taking her up north. I am very depressed.

I cannot be in contact with her though unless she gets sober, which she will not. She is going to die.
Supposedly she is leaving on Friday. First, she was going to drive (pft), but then she cried like a baby up north, so her brother is sending her money for a ticket. She is the most selfish woman ever. Now I have to go home sometime this week in between classes and clinicals and pick up my things like my computer, television, mountains of books, and some clothes. I am really really dreading going and saying goodbye to my cat or possibly not even seeing the other cats because she might have gotten rid of them already. I don't know how she can do this. She is ruining my life. I love my cats so much, how can she just give them away?!! They are like her children. I know she is going to regret this and hate herself. I dont know what she thinks she is going to find in Massachusetts--she is going to be a drunk either way. ughh. All week I have been repressing this because I needed to study for my exams. She called me on Friday in the middle of my studying and that really pissed me off and I got super angry at her. HOW CAN SHE DO THIS?

Tuesday, October 3, 2006


I don't know why, but every Tuesday I feel like I cannot fully relax. I think it has to do with the fact that it is my one day off, so I feel so much pressure to use my study time wisely, yet I have SO MUCH TO STUDY that it feels overwhelming. That, and I have clinicals in the morning, which means I wake up at 4:10am, so I feel anxious wondering if I will get enough sleep. At least last Tues. I went to bed at like 7pm, but I don't know. Also, I don't know why I get nervous before clinicals because nothing bad has ever happened, it has always been a good experience, yet I still feel nervous the day before.
One thing I am super worried about right now is money. I am suppoed to get monthly checks from the VA and now it is Oct 3rd and my check hasn't come. They are always screwing something up it seems. I hope my mom calls me today and says it came.
ALSO, Oct 25-27 is the Florida Nursing Student Association convention in Daytona, which 12 of us are going to--I am excited, BUT then I realized the Monday after that is our 3rd Fundamentals exam and a Patho quiz,ugh. I don't know when I will study!!
That, and I am stressed about not seeing Mirza as often as I would like. I really miss him.

ps: in case anyone ever wondered who the hell I was:

Friday, September 29, 2006

two tests in one day

Yaaaayyy! I got a 96% on my first physical assessment exam, but then she gave away some questons because the majority of people got them incorrect,so I now have a 100%!

And I got 100% on patho!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Today I was with a different nurse because my regular preceptor had the day off.
She was nice and helpful with the whole learning process, but I do like my preceptor better--I can just relate to her more on a personal level.
She had 5 patients, so I went around and did all the vitals and charted. One of our patients had some sort of trauma and she was totally out of it. She was MRSA positive too. All morning she was yelling, "Help me, help me now!" over and over and over. She was just laying in bed with a diaper, but she wasn't old or anything. I felt pretty bad for her. I had to do her BP manually because of the MRSA and I was like oh great, watch me not be able to hear anything because the steth looked crappy and old, but actually, I did her BP perfect and fast! She just kept asking me over and over about her family and showering and shaving her legs. I just tried to treat her/talk to her like she was normal. I gave her a bed bath and helped clean out her mouth, which was so dry and had crust on her teeth...I think some of it was vomit. She kept saying she felt "grungy" because she hadn't showered in awhile. It was sad. Finally, someone from her family called when we were giving her meds through her gastric tube and she started crying, "Please come visit me, I'm so lonely. Everyone has forgotten about me, please come see me." I thought I was going to cry because it was sooo sad. At one time, she was normal like me but then one moment can just screw you up. And I wonder if her family is just too overwhelmed with her to come visit anymore since she doesn't make a lot of sense, she flails about in bed and she is incontinent.
She begged me to stay with her. "Why can't you just stay here with me? You helped me feel like a human for once again!" (because I cleaned her). I was like well, I have to go do other things. It just kind of blew.

I was only on the floor until 11:30 though because our instructor let us study and then we had a guest speaker about restraints.

I got a 93% on my first PAT, woo. She kept telling other people to look at mine and the another student's because we did ours good. How embarassing.

Tomorrow is the first physical exam test, as well as patho quiz #3 (?). I haven't studied since I've been home, but I'm not too worried because I've been studying like a mad woman all week. Plus I wanted to watch Oprah because it's been awhile:)
I have a study group at 7 though.

Friday, September 22, 2006


There is NOT enough time in the day. There is so much to study and so much to read.I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO why I am wasting time by typing this? And why I am watching Deal or No Deal?! SHIT!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

remind me who I don't want to be

Yesterday was...interesting.
I finally got on the floor around 7 after waiting around for my instructor in the cafe and eventually just going up. First thing my preceptor and I did was go into this old woman's room. My preceptor uncovered the blanket and this woman had dark brown watery poop all the way down to her FEET. PUDDLES OF IT!! There was sooooooooOOOooo much. I guess she had part of her colon taken out, so it was just leaking out of her. In between her legs was a puddle of watery poop....and it was bubbling.
Wow. It took 3 of us to clean was alll over. I wasn't grossed out so much at first, but then my nurse and the PCT said something about it and I just had to look at the wall for a second and concentrate on not gagging up the oatmeal that I had for breakfast. I got through it fine after that.
I felt bad for the woman because she had no toes (diabetes) on one foot and the other she was missing her big toe. She said just they kept falling off. Also, she felt bad that we had to clean her because she said she hadn't been like that since she was a baby.
I mostly worked with the PCT, which I did not like. She was sort of nice to the patient, but behind their backs she would bitch and complain, especially about the woman who couldn't control her bowels. She kept rolling her eyes and saying how she didn't want to deal with this. She was acting like the woman was doing it on purpose!! It wasn't her fault, damn. I kept mentioning that we should go in and check on her to see if she needs to be cleaned up. I figured it is easier to clean a small mess more often than a huge one every once in awhile. She was just like, "I don't even want to know!" Hmm, well, when she is an 89 year old helpless woman laying in an ocean of her own shit, I think she might change her mind!!

Then we had another patient who was in a lot of pain, but my PCT was like "UGH, she whines too much, most people with that surgery just leave within a day, but she will be here forever!!"
wow, bitch. She has been at my hospital for 30 years--yeah, I think it is time to move on.
Then she proceeded to tell me how when she was an LPN (why is she a PCT?) none of the RN's who came out of school knew anything and the LPNs had to teach them all. I was like ohh yeah WHATEVER. She was seriously jaded.

I got to use the bladder scanner twice though, which was pretty cool. And I got to see a blood transfusion.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


WOO HOOO!! I now have a 92% on my exam because of the curve!

92% is still a B, but I'll take it!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Fundamentals #1

WELLL, I didn't do so well on my first exam (by my own standards anyway). I got a 48/60 which is an 80%, which is C. However, the average was 43, so that means like half the class failed (75 and below is failing)!
She said she doesn't normally curve, but this time she will, so I will have a B then.
I'm not really that worried or upset though since it was the first exam and I KNOW that I do understand and grasp the information--it's just those pesky NCLEX style questions!!
I don't even know what I could have done MORE to study--I feel like I really do understand everything. Sigh.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


I studied this past week a little by little so that it all didn't pile up before the test--smart thing to do. I didn't think I would go home on Sat. to see Mirza, but I could not concentrate anymore until I saw him. I honestly feel like I could focus so much better once I took a break and spent time with him.
ps: I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world. We'll be together 4 years in February and it has been HARD living only 30-40 minutes away. We only see each other once a week, sometimes twice if we're lucky. It doesn't seem like we live that far, but we both just so busy with school (he's studying music education) that it is impossible to get away and be together. I probably cry everytime I leave him , which is stupid, but I can't help it. He's so much a part of me. SIIIIIIGH.
What was he point of this post again? I forget.
Oh yeah, tomorrow is my first Fund. exam at 12. I feel kind of confident, but then again I am scared because of the critical thinking type questions.


Friday, September 15, 2006

"You haven't lived until you've administered an enema."

I was successfully checked off on an enema (lucky me) and NG insertion and removal today! I still would feel scared as hell to insert an NG tube alone though, since it was only simulated on the dummies and the tube didn't go completely down.
One cool thing I did today was learn how to use a panoptic scope (or whatever the heck it's called)...holy crap!! It is so awesome when you look in the eye. It looks just like this:

I have to say it was pretty cool. Finally getting to see stuff besides vaginas, penises, and anuses! WOO

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Second Full Clinical Day

I just took a nice, hot and thorough shower and then made a quesadilla with rice and corn. Now I am going to sit here and relax for a few moments before I decide WHAT to study, since there is soooo much to do choose from.
My day went really good today. I was tired, but I pushed through it! We have to do these Patient Assessment Tools, which are reallllly long and our first one is due next Fri, so I wanted to get it done today. Fortunately, one of my patients from last week was still in the hospital, so she let me use her as my guinea pig:) I finally did vitals on a real patient, as opposed to a class mate or family member/Mirza. All was good. Then I had to interview her for my PAT, which was a lot easier than I thought--and I kind of enjoyed it. The only thing is that I didn't have as much time as I would have liked, so I kind of had to rush, but it wasn't a big deal. I had to ask a 79 year old how many sexual partners she's had, which I am sure I'll have to ask again to someone else, but it was definitely interesting the first time. Actually, it wasn't a big deal at all. My patient was pretty awesome. She was in the hospital recovering from a laparoscopic bilateral salpingo oopherectomy! Yeah, don't ask me if I can recite that later or if I even spelt it right--TIIIIIRED.
It was sad to say goodbye because I'll never ever see her again and she was sort of my first real patient. Well, not really, but the first one I got to do vitals and PAT.
Another one of our patients was a woman who just had a C-section and her 6 day old son was in the room--aaawww.
THEN there was a code blue!!! But of course it was on another floor, so I didn't see anything interesting.
However, I did hear the lullaby music about 3-4 times today, which plays throughout the hospital everytime a baby is born!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Study Marathon

The week long study marathon for me begins in a half hour.
I have fundamentals exam 1 on Monday, September 18th. Originally, we had Patho that day as well, but we convinced him to move it to Thursday. Also, on Sunday I spent all day working on medical terminology, but then yesterday we convinced her to move it to the first week of October. At least I finished almost all of it, so now I can just relax (HA!!!) and focus on Fundamentals...and Patho....aaaand physical exam..aaaand clinicals..right.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

First test

I got 100% on my first test/quiz in Patho (and first test ever in NS)!! It was 25 questions--not too difficult, but we all still studied our butts off for it.

As a reward to myself, I am not studying, but instead--eating apple pie with ice cream and kit kat bar crumpled inside.


Wednesday, September 6, 2006

My first day of clinicals!!

Okay, now that I actually have a decent moment--MY DAY!!

Seriously, it was so much better than I had anticipated. I thought I was going to feel so stupid and dumb, but my preceptor rocks. Today I did a lot of shadowing, but I also helped too. Basically, she had 4 patients, all who had just come back from surgery. She showed me how to chart everything (so much), how to organize time, etc. I learned a lot today. I got to do a glucose check! woo lol. I didn't really do any vitals on my own because I was watching my preceptor do it. OO and I got to watch an NG tube come out. And the thing that holds the drainage is pretty gross--it was filled almost to the top with like dark black, green, and white stuff *shudder* Glad I didn't smell it!!
Overall, I had a great great great day!!

wooo. Now I am going to shower, clean, and then study for my patho quiz, which is tomorrow and then SLEEP.
Somewhere in that time I am eating apple pie though.

One more thing--today was very reassuring for me that nursing is what I want to do. All day I kept thinking, okay, I could totally do this and like it. Maybe not work on this type of floor exactly, but some form of this--definitely. It feels good. Now I have more motivation.
Also, at the end of each clinical, we have to give our preceptor a little form to fill out about us with ratings and comments on things we did good and things we need to improve on. She didn't comment on things needed to be improved since it was my first day, but she did write something along the lines of, "Nicole was very motivated the first day on the floor. She was a pleasure to work with."

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Good news for dorky nursing students who have to wear white from head to toe: According to the TODAY show, it is now fashionably acceptable to wear white after labor day!

I guess that is one less thing to worry about..whew.



aaaaah IT'S FREEZING!!!
I was really hot last night in bed, so I got up and turned the AC down, but it was dark, so I couldn't see. When I woke up, it was like 62 in my apartment!!!!!
It feels like freaking winter!

Oh, and none of my roommates have been here all weekend--it is niiiice.
What's on the agenda for today?
I woke up at 7am, so I will be tired tonight and sleep soundly, as opposed to last Tuesday night when I only slept for 3 hours. I'll be waking up at 4:30am..aaaah. I'm nervous about clinical now because I don't even know what to do!! I've been checked off on some things, but I don't know. I hope I don't annoy my preceptor--well, too bad.
Back to the agenda, I'll be trying to study for Patho (first quiz on Thurs) and then at 4:30 today we have a review.
I wish the air would hurry up and get warmer!!!

Saturday, September 2, 2006

The Nurses' Pledge

Inside our pocket skills book is The Nurses' Pledge. We'll probably have to say this when we're graduating.

I solemnly pledge myself in the presence of this
assembly to faithfully practice my profession of
nursing. I will do all in my power to make and
maintain the highest standards and practices of
my profession

I will hold in confidence all personal matters
committed to my keeping in the practice of my
calling. I will devote myself to the welfare of my
patients, my family, and my community.

I will endeavor to fulfill my rights and privileges
as a good citizen and take my share of
responsibility in promoting the health and
welfare of my community.

I will constantly endeavor to increase my
knowledge and skills in nursing and to use them
wisely. I will zealously seek to nurse those who
are ill wherever they may be and whenever they
are in need.

I wil be active in assisting others in
safeguarding and promoting the health and
happiness of humankind.

Friday, September 1, 2006

First WEEK recap of nursing school

The week has finally ended--it's Friday!!!
So how was my first week of nursing school? Well, besides long--it was GREAT!!!
I am impressed with my program--all of the instructors and faculty are amazingly nice and supportive. They're constantly complimenting us and saying we're the best. As a student you can feel that they want you to succeed and it's quite refreshing.
My first class began at 12:00: Fundamentals of Nursing. This is basically where we learn the basic things that are needed to know when it comes to Nursing. The book is gigantic. Our professor is a nun, but no she doesn't walk around in full head dress and a ruler, slapping students on the wrist! In fact, she is a nurse practitioner (I am pretty sure all my professors are, except Patho) and she is soooooo NICE. I mean, she is serious about the profession of nursing, but you can tell she wants us to succeed. In fact, every single instructor and faculty member that I've come across so far has been this way--as I mentioned.
At the end of this class, we have a HESI, so it's definitely an IMPORTANT class (well, all of them are).
At 4:30 I had Pathophysiology with a retired Gastroenterologist. He told us to guess how many patients he has had over 20 years. Most people guessed around 10,000. He put the figure up on the board--100,000. And 20,000 colonoscopies!! He's an awesome professor because he has a lot of real life stories to go along with each disorder that we study. Also, he isn't crazy and doesn't expect us to know every single detail from the book. He told us to read the chapters once--then look at his slides, answer review questions in the study book, and then he will tell us which slides to focus on from his powerpoints. I have my first quiz on chapters 1-4 next Thursday. It covers the cell biology, genes and genetic diseases, altered cellular and tissue biology, and fluids and electrolytes (and acids/bases). I'm nervous since this is the first real test so far. Also, our grading scales is 93-100=A, so it will be tough. I just need to study hard and not focus so much on the number so much as retaining the information.
I have this day off, but I went to a meeting of the Internation Health Service collaborative. I was the only nursing student out of like 100 medical and college of public health students. I definitely joined and I hope to MAYBE go to the Dominican Republic in December to help.
This was a good day. We had our hospital orientation! The only sucky part is that my hospital is an hour away, sooooo we car pooled and got there quite early so we wouldn't get stuck in traffic. Basically, we sat around and talked about hospital policy while filling out forms. During lunch, the nurse recruiters brought us free food and then spoke about the hospital and how awesome it is. It's a magnet hospital and also it is one of the Top 100 Hospitals in the US...woohoo. At first I did not want this hospital at all, but now I think it is an excellent choice for me. I could even see myself working there after graduation. We'll see.
One cool thing about orientation is that we got to do Accucheck glucose checks on each other. It was fun to see blood and all that neat stuff. That was the first skill I ever got checked off on! See, we have these tiny little spiral bound laminated books that are color-coded according to our semester (Semester 1=Green, Semester 2=Yellow, Semester 3=Red, Semester 4=Blue, and Semester 5=Black) with a list of every skill we will have to master. There are three boxes next to each skill. The first box represents a skill that was completed in the lab correctly. The second box (level 2) is for the actual patient, which our preceptor (nurse) will check off, and the third level or box is when we do it independently on a patient without prompting need. It is a very cool thing to keep track off for my entire nursing school career.
Anyway, back to the orientation--we did glucose checks and isolation gowning, etc. Finally, we got to visit the floors we'll be working on this semester. I don't know how every other nursing school works, but mine is something like this: At the beginning of nursing school you're assigned a hospital with 11 other students--this becomes your TEAM. You are then a part of that hospital for the entire 5 semesters. It becomes like home and the team members sort of become like a little family within nursing school. THEN, you're assigned to a preceptor who is a nurse that works in the hospital. Basically, you follow that nurse around and she is your instructor and ...guidance. I was afraid of this because what if the preceptor didn't want a student? Well, it turns out that my hospital only picks nurses who actually WANT to be preceptors.
I am on the Gynecology/Women's Med Surg/Pediatrics (kind of confusing!) floor. My preceptor is so awesome and nice--she seems quite down-to-earth, so I am relieved.
It was scary at first because our task was to complete a seek-and-find while we were on the floor. My team brought me up there, introduced me to my preceptor, and then left me all alone! haha. I am the only student from my team on the floor. Some students have others with them, but not me. I think this will be beneficial because then I won't rely so much on another student as a crutch, you know?
During my seek-and-find a woman came back from surgery, so I got to go in the room and watch them transfer her to another bed and do vitals!! yayyyyyy for seeing things.
Once the day was over, I was pretty damn tired. The night before I had only gotten about 3 hours of sleep somehow, so I went home, read one chapter of physical exam, and then went to bed at 7pm. I slept for 14 hours!! It felt GOOD!!
Physical examination and assessment at 12:30--awesome professor. She's upbeat, happy, and has a sense of humor. This seems like it will be a class where I learn a lot, but it will be fun,so it won't seem like learning.
4:30 was Patho again.
We had to wake up early to take "pre-HESI" exams, which have no effect on our grades. They're just to "see where we are," which is a lot of pressure!!They covered math, vocab, grammar, biology, Anatomy and physio, and reading comprehension.
Meh. I did pretty bad on math--74. The rest I got like 85, 88, 89, 89, and 93--not in that order. I got the highest in grammar, go figure. I think second highest was AP and then biology. I guess that is average. Whatever. I happened to glance over at the girl's screen next to me and she was getting like 95's and crap...making me feel pretty inadequate and STUPID. Tests suck.
Once that was over, I got to go home and read for about an hour and a half (because I sort of wasted a lot of time making food). Lab was at 1:00, which was what I had been waiting for!!
First, we had to go into these virtual labs and do some BP's, pulse, temperature, and respirations on the computer, which was kind of weird. Finally, we got in the lab and did the things.
One thing we had to do was go behind the curtain and "observe" the SIM man and now we have to write some sort of report--I'm not quire sure because I haven't looked at the workbook yet.

So far I have been checked off for:
-Glucose monitoring
-Isolation cap and mask
-Isolation gowning and gloving
-Temperature :Axillary
-Temperature: Oral-electronic thermometer

Now I must go begin reading 4455235235 pages. Hope next week is even better!

Thursday, August 31, 2006


I got 14 hours of sleep.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I can't really type a lot right now because I have to do some reading before I pass out (only got like 3 hours of sleep), but I just wanted to say I had a great hospital orientation. I met my preceptor and she is awesome. Now I'm so happy I am at my hospital. Our instructor is amazing--so laid back and normal. Love it.
Now I'm going to attempt to read 2 chapters of physical exam and then sleep, wake up tomorrow morning and read 2 chapters before class.

Oh, and I now know how to do glucose checks--woo for me! Yay for blood!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006




I've tried steam, dry, and STARCH--WRINKLES!!

Anyway, I went to the meeting today. There were probably like over 100 students, which I was surprised about. The Vice president wanted to see who was who, so she asked the college of medicine to raise their hands--almost everyone. Then she asked college of nursing to raise theirs---ONLY ME!!!!!!!hahah. It was funny.
Then the president doctor guy kept coming over and sitting on the floor to talk with me about recruiting other nursing students and even running for vice president. Yep. I'm totally going to run for vice president now. They go to the Dominican Republic in December--it is awesome!

Now I need to get other nursing students involved.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Getting involved

Even though I'm sure I'll be intensely busy this semester, I'd like to get involved!
One thing I am definitely looking at is student council from our college, but also there is this program called the Internation Health Services Collaborative, which looks interesting. It is the college of medicine, nursing, public health, and physical therapy--they do fundraisers, etc. Their goal:

  • Promoting sustainable health projects in underserved communities within the U.S. and developing nations
  • Creating a forum for interdisciplinary interaction within *the university* Health and throughout *university, which will result in more well-rounded health professionals
They even went to countries like Dominican Republic and Educador.

Sound cool? Should I do it? I tried emailing some of my other clinical members to see if they wanted to go since they have two meetings.

First Day

My first day of nursing school went pretty good. I like my professors for Fundamental and Patho especially. There isn't much to say. My day started at 12:00 and ended at 6:30. Gotta remember to bring more food next time.
The only thing that kind of bothered me today is this girl who is in clinicals with me who is a nice person, but complains a lot. She's pretty negative about everything and talks a lot about people. In fact, she's kind of pre-occupied with everyone else and how they piss her off. I just stay positive and hope it changes.
Now I'm only hoping that Wednesday isn't cancelled because of the hurricane. That is our hospital orientation day.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


You have GOT to be kidding me!!

I will be pissed if classes are cancelled during the first week--I have clinical orientation on Wed!! MOVE OVER ERNESTO!!!

The Big Day

I start nursing school tomorrow!!!
About time.

What's in store for tomorrow?

12:00-2:50 Fundamentals
4:30-6:20 Pathophysiology (most excited about this)

I have one more chapter to read of Fundamentals, then I need to read 2 of Patho. Not to mention the 4 for Physical exam that need to be done by Thursday's class, the entire med term book for fundamentals, and I need to go back and review everything and answer objectives. FUNNNNNN

Friday, August 25, 2006

Goodbye black ink!!

OMGGG my team coordinator was not joking when she said she would post A LOT of papers for clinicals...GULP.
bye bye ink.

Anyway, the dinner last night was fun. I set up a car pooling with one girl and another guy. They will be picking me up at 6:30am on Wed (we don't have to be here until 8:30, but traffic..). I told them I'd be standing outside and they won't miss me because I'll be the dorky nursing student in ALL WHITE.
Our TC gave us a tiny tour and we saw the skills lab--sooooooooo cool. It is basically a bunch of beds with supplies, but it is brand spankin' new. The semester 3 students were jealous. We even have two of those sensored dolls. I think this is awesome MAN!!

Also, I found out floor number I am on and my preceptor's name. It is kind of weird though because most students have another student on the floor with them, but my number is different from everyone elses? Hmm. I still don't know what the name of the floor is--just numbers, which mean absolutely nothing to me.

So far I feel great about this program. EVERYONE I meet has been nice and friendly. Also, they seem to be organized and have it all together. woooooohooooo.
Okay, I have to get back to reading. I've only read 3 chapters of the 9 for Fund. It is only taking me awhile because I am writing out the objectives and jotting down answers after, as well as answer the review questions. ALSO, I pretty much have to read an entire 600 page med. term. book before Sept 11th, along with finish 32 quizzes/exams. It can be tedious, but at this point, I am open for anything. I'm just glad I am in the program!
I hope I make more friends.

EDIT: I just found a sheet that has key code for the hospital. I think I'm going to be on "Gynecology and Women's M/S Pediatrics (Locked Unit)." WOO sounds awesome!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Oh god, I just went through and wrote down every quiz and exam in my planner for every single class. I think I'm going to be sick now!!

Tonight is the dinner from 5-7pm. I made a greek pasta salad, which looks and smells oh-so-delicious. I made so much extra that I can live off of it for the week, so that's good.

Already it is starting--I have tons and tons of reading to do before Monday.

Still no roommates here.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

On my own

It is official: I am on my own.

Not that I haven't been an independent woman for awhile now, but truly--I am on my own now.
Mirza (boyfriend) helped me move all my belongings on Sunday into my cute little apartment-style dorm. Since I moved early, none of the other roommates are here, but I met two of them.
I love my room. I love my nice big desk with tons of studying space. I love being on my far. I kind of wish I had the whole apartment to myself because it's been great--all nice and quiet. I think my roommates will be quiet though, for the most part. They didn't seem like party-animals or anything crazy.

Let's see, what nursing school related news do I have?
Ah yes, I bought the rest of my books. Eight more. That brings the total to 12--not too bad. However, they were so heavy that I had to carry them to my car in a cardboard box, which the lovely cashier taped up for me. Longest. Walk. Of. My. Life.
The box weighed a ton, not to mention the sweltering Florida heat beating down on me. And of course I had to park in Egypt. Sigh.
I feel relieved about getting my books though.
I think the grand total was: $851.00

I have already read the first chapter of Fundamentals and the first chapter of my medical terminology book. We have to take this online med. term course through blackboard, but the system will be down until this Thursday.
I feel kind of lost. I want to start reading for my classes, but I have this irrational fear that I'll forget everything!! Crazy,I know.

More news: we were sent an e-mail informing us of a 3 hour test the first day of school to see "where we stand." I don't understand the time though because I have patho during the same time? I'm nervous. No clue what will be on this thing. I am worried I'll get a low score and then my professors will think I'm a moron!!!

Anyone have any studying advice for me before school starts on Monday? Or any advice at all would be great. Thanks.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The countdown

Well, well, well...time is slowly creeping up on me. There are now ELEVEN (11) days until the first day of NURSING SCHOOL!
The real drama begins on Sunday though--I am moving out of my home and into a dorm. I'll be on my own for the first time. I am so ready and excited.
I have almost everything I need--dishes, pans, towels, bed in a bag, school supplies, and my unform is almost complete!
I went on campus the other day to get my books. Supposedly there are eight books just for one class. Unfortunately, my drive was kind of pointless because I could only get four books--the rest were in boxes.
My fundamentals professor already posted things for us to do online. We have to complete this medical terminology course online that consists of 16 quizzes and 16 exams. Yowza. It has to be done by the 11th. AND OF COURSE, the book that I needed for that wasn't available.
Others things that I am excited about--next Thursday we have a welcoming dinner from the college. I need to bring a side dish. My mom has a mean recipe for macaroni salad, so I might bring that.

That is pretty much all that's been going on. I'll post again once I am on campus. Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Quick Update

I have to be to work in 20 minutes, so I guess a quick update is in order. Nothing too interesting has been happening lately. I've just been stressing about money and getting ready for school to start, which is in 25 days! I'm excited!!
I am trying to get all my things together since I'm moving to a dorm, however, it's hard because I'm broke!
I got my stethoscope in the mail yesterday. I bought a Littmann Classic II SE in raspberry color. I really like it.
Well, this post is pretty pointless. Once school begins I will have more interesting posts!:)

Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm alive

Just a quick update: I'm not dead. I was up north visiting family:)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Change of plans!!

Okay! I just changed my schedule!! I didn't want to go to school late, but I heard this other patho professor is way better, so I am taking him. At least with my new schedule I won't have classes on Tuesday and I can prepare for clinical, etc.
Do you guys think this sounds better?

Fundamentals 12:00 pm - 2:50 pm
Pathophysiology 4:30 pm - 6:20 pm


Clinical 6:30-2:20

Physical Exam & Assessment 12:30 pm - 2:20 pm
Pathophysiology 4:30 pm - 6:20 pm

Clinical lab on campus 12:30 pm - 2:50 pm

Still undecided about pharm, which would be Mondays 8:30-11:30 or so.

Need Advice!!

I need advice everyone!
Should I take Pharm. the first semester along with patho, fundamentals, clinical, physical exam, and the lab for clinical? It would put me at 17 credits, but it only meets Monday mornings.
Would this be too much for the first semester? Will I be missing out if I wait to take it second semester? Also, second semester we have Med Surg and Psych, so do you think Pharm would be too much with that?

Nursing School Orientation

Well, I had my orientation yesterday. Boy was I tired!! Overall, it went good.
I got there way too early because someone told me traffic is bad at that time, but I guess I was lucky. First, the Dean came in and congratulated us all. Apparently, over 600 people applied and only 72 were accepted! I was one of them! yay!!
Basically, the whole orienation (7+ hours) consisted of mainly the clinical hospitals trying to convince us to choose them for our rotations. We got to choose between 4 hospitals. One is the biggest one in the area, the other is on campus, the third is a mix of 3 on campus, and the 4th is a big one as well, but it's almost an hour (maybe 45 minutes) away.
At my school, you pick one hospital and then you're there for all 5 semesters. There is no switching once you're matched up, NO MATTER WHAT!
I picked my top 4 in that order and of course, I got my 4th freakin' choice. Now I have to drive soooooo far for 2 years.

Here is my schedule for first semester:
Fundamentals 12:00 pm - 2:50 pm

Pathophysiology 8:30 am - 10:20 am

Clinical 6:30-2:20 (chya, so I need to leave before the sun is up!)

Pathophysiology 8:30 am - 10:20 am
Physical exam and assessment 12:30 pm - 2:20 pm

Lab for clinical 12:30 pm - 2:50 pm

Monday, July 10, 2006


Orientation is tomorrow!!! wooohooooo!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Mother Theresa

People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered;
Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;
Be kind anyway.
If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies;
Succeed anyway.
If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;
Be honest and frank anyway.
What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight;
Build anyway.
If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.
The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow;
Do good anyway.
Give the world the best you have and it may just never be enough;
Give the world the best you have anyway.

You see, in the final analysis, it's all between you and god;
It was never between you and them anyway.

Sunday, July 2, 2006

come back to me!!

AAAAH My favorite website,, has been offline since yesterday and it's still not up!! I'M GOING THROUGH WITHDRAWAL!!

Friday, June 30, 2006

11 days

I figured I would update. It is 11 days until orientation--the day I have been anxiously waiting for! I don't know why I am so excited for this. I just want to see how everything looks, how everyone acts, and what I am getting into.
-I have gotten my PPD and a titer for varicella. I am obviously negative for TB and I need to go back in two weeks to get my blood work from the titer.
-I am an official "Healthcare Provider" according to my new BLS and AED card:)
-I found health insurance. $43 a month. Just waiting on the card. Although, I'm confused on the whole thing really.
What else?
-I still need to do the HIPPA certification online

I think that covers it all! It feels good when you're on top of things.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Tomorrow after 2pm, I will be able to save a life. So if anyone is in trouble, needs CPR, or is choking on food, I'll be the woman to call!
That's right--I have my CPR for healthcare providers class tomorrow. It is from 10am-2pm, which isn't too bad. The price is $30.

Working as a cashier for $7.50 an hour at a fabric store seriously gives me a new appreciation for my acceptance into nursing school. Every hour that goes by when I am in the store I am just smiling because I know after 2 months, I won't have to do another stupid retail job again. I honestly feel anyone who isn't considering going to school, should work as a cashier because it is such motivation to get the hell out of that place and into a meaningful career!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

random thoughts brought to you by NICOLE

I've been thinking lately about how I chose nursing.
For others, it seemed out of the blue. In fact, it was sort of out of the blue for me as well. I toyed with the idea when I was kid, but pushed it aside. I kind of felt like I wasn't smart enough, which is crazy, I know! I know I am intelligent, but I just had doubts for some reason.
One moment I remember in particular when my boyfriend's mother was in nursing school and I specifically said to him, "wow, she has to know ALL those drugs? And all the things about the human body? I don't think I could ever do that!"

It's funny to think back on that comment now. Stuff like that does not scare me anymore.
Anyway, ever since the 8th grade, I wanted to be a journalist. I wrote for my high school newspaper for 2 years and I was the editor for the last 2 as well. Also, I was part of the Poynter Institute's HS Journalism program! Obviously, I was dead set on journalism. In 2003, I began college, working on general education classes, and by about the 2nd year, I even took this test to get into the college of mass communications. I passed and I was ready to begin the first reporting class by the next semester.
I contacted the editor of the school newspaper and I wrote two articles. I was working on the third, when I called her and I told her I would not be able to do it. It just did not feel right. I had SO MANY DOUBTS about journalism. You can't just like to write to be a journalist, you need to love to report, which is totally different. I realized I did not like to report.
Honestly, I felt kind of depressed because deep inside for awhile, I did not want to do journalism. I pretended to be excited for it, but I wasn't.

I would watch shows like 'Trauma Life in the ER' and saw how successful and happy my boyfriend's mother was and I wished for that. We were driving one day and it just sort of came to me. I said, "I wish I could do something cool with my life, like be a nurse."

Why not? I asked myself.

Yeah, why not? Do it, my boyfriend said.

So I decided from that moment.
I had a goal!

And you know what? Ever since I decided this, my life has been awesome. Everything has fallen into place. I love school. I love to learn. I love nursing! I just love it all! I feel like my life finally has meaning. Even if it is tiny. It is worth something more now.

PS: Can't wait to start nursing school!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Possible Schedule

So I was bored and I decided to see if any of the nursing classes are up on the class schedule. If these are correct, these are potential dates for my fall 2006 first semester nursing!

-Meets either:
M/R 4:30-6:20pm
T/R 8:30-10:20am

Fund. of Nursing
M 12:00-2:50

There are a bunch of different times for each hospital, but I am hoping for one hospital (there are 6 to choose from though) in particular, so here is a possible day/time:
W 6:30am-2:20pm AND F 7:30am-9:50am

Physical Exam/Assessment:
R 12:30-2:20

There is also a lab for the physical exam class, but the dates are TBA!

If these are correct, I would like my schedule to look like this for the fall:
Fundamentals 12:00-2:50

Patho 8:30-10:20am

Clinical 6:30am-2:20pm

Patho 8:30-10:20
Physical exam/assessment 12:20-2:20

Clinical 7:30-9:50am

Of course, I may not get that clinical, but no matter where I go, I will definitely have W at that time, but Friday could be different depending on this. Also, there is that other lab somewhere?
Anyway, I don't know how correct this is, but it was fun to pretend. I'd like to get my classes as early as possible. At least that way I will have the rest of the day to study. Also, my boyfriend and I would like to pick one day where we hang out and focus on our relationship, so it would be nice if we could do Friday or Saturday.

Friday, June 23, 2006


I got my letter!

Orientation is Tuesday, July 11th 8am-3pm! HOW EXCITING IS THAT, PEOPLE? For me, very. I ripped that package open before I could even reach the front door from the mailbox. My acceptance letter is now in a protector sheet in a binder. I may frame it:)
This is what my letter says *sips some water**clears throat*

Dear Ms Nicole__,

Congratulations! It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been admitted to the Upper Division/Accelerated program in the College of Nursing for Fall 2006. This decision was made based on your successful completion of the prerequisite courses and your outstanding GPA. I appreciate how hard you have worked to reach this goal and want you to know that the College of Nursing's faculty and staff are committed to assisting you in becoming a leader in the nursing profession.
To confirm your admission to the College of Nursing, please complete the following Intent to Enroll form by Wednesday June 31, 2006. You can return it to the College of Nursing by mail, or you can fax it to us at xx-xxx-xxxx.
Upper Division/Accelerated students are required to attend Match Day- Orientation, Tuesday July 11, 2006, 8 am to 3 pm in the College of Nursing room xxxx. During Match Day, students have an opportunity to request their choice of clinical agency where they will attend all of their clinical learning experiences while enrolled in the baccalaureate degree nursing program. This is termed a Match process. All of the participating agencies provide students with excellent clinical experiences that fulfill all of the clinical learning requirements in the program. Students will also be given the opportunity to participate in a question and answer session. Students will receive a registration appointment time, program plan and list of courses to register for at the end of this program.
We look forward to having you as a student in the College of Nursing as you pursue your professional career. If there is anything the College of Nursing can do to assist you, please contact the Student Affairs Office xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Main Things To Do Before Orientation:

**Mail my letter of intent

**Become CPR certified (in the process of finding a class)

**Complete Med history/Immunization form

**Get Health insurance (BLA!!)

**Become HIPPA certified

Health Insurance!

Along with the list of 534545 other things that need to be done before orientation (JULY 11TH!!), I need to obtain health insurance! AAAH. I have never had health insurance, so I really don't even know where to begin. I looked at my school's health insurance and it said "The annual premium for both domestic and international students will be $1196.00," so I am guess about $100 a month. Is this too expensive? Is this cheap?

Does anyone know of any resources where I could potentially get health insurance that really doesn't cover anything, but just to satisfy this requirement?


Monday, June 19, 2006



Okay, here is the story of how I found out I was in the CON. It was quite the night!!

First, I was looking at my application online because my friend was worried about hers and how she thought she may have applied wrong. Eventually, I wondered why no one has looked at my application and why it said "documentation needed," so I posted yet ANOTHER message on this little message board that is on my application. I got a reply immediately with this long statement about the qualifications to getting into the program and as it turns out---I APPLIED AS THE WRONG STUDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I applied as a "First time in college student," which has the code BSNFR (something) when I was supposed to be BSNUR--UPPER DIVISION!! OMFG. I was crying. I thought THIS IS IT..I BLEW IT. I was so afraid that if she switched me over it would be too late since the deadline passed!! I was BAWLING!! I e-mailed this woman about 5 times. It went on for like a half hour with me crying and flipping out.
THEN, the phone rings.
"Hi, this is __. Is this Nicole?"
"YESS, I am sorry, I am freaking out!"
"Um yes I see that since I have gotten like 5 emails within the past 5 minutes."
"I KNOW, I AM SORRY. I am not insane, but I am just really worried...AM I GOING TO BE OKAY? WILL I STILL BE CONSIDERED?!?!? *still crying like a moron*"

"ok, let me see here *typing* I am going to switch you over to Upper division...*typing* oh you already tried...I will delete that one.."


"Alright, I just erased the second one and saved the old one which says May 12th and upper division."

"ok, so I am going to be ok? *crying!!*"


"Alright, You have been offered a seat into the college of nursing..."



"OH MY GOD.......OH MY GOD!"



"Ok, you will get a letter in the mail in about a week........"


I went from hysterics over thinking my chances were over to immediate acceptance. When she said, "Are you interested?" I was like OMFG. Seriously, my boyfriend said the expression on my face was priceless.

Stuck in a Rut

I have an interview tomorrow at a fabric store--BLA! Really not looking forward to making less than $7.00hr at an unproductive job, but I suppose some money is better than none.

I am currently kicking myself because last summer I took a CNA training course through the Red Cross with a friend, but after the class, I was completely broke and I couldn't afford the $115 or so to take the state boards. Time has passed, school took over and I still am not certified. However, said friend became certified immediately and just began her first job at a local hospital. I am happy for her, but mad at myself. I suppose there's not much I could do about it considering I had no money, but darn it! I could potentially be working as a CNA right now!:(
It would have been so great to get that experience before starting nursing school. Now I feel like maybe I am missing out.
However, maybe it is best that I do NOTHING nursing related for the summer and relax considering the next 2.5 years will be spent on nothing BUT nursing. Also, I want to learn the proper techniques and I might be taught wrong if I began working before school.
I don't know. Any ideas?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Deja Vu post

This post is pretty much like the rest of them: me freaking out and wishing I knew if I was in yet or not. I seriously think this could be the worst part of the nursing school process: WAITING TO FIND OUT IF YOU'RE IN OR NOT!!!

I am seriously going insane. It really is all I think about. I TRY to keep myself busy and focus on other things (like finding a job!), but it is HARD!
If it truly is 10 days after the deadline, then I would know around the 25th/26th, but if it's 2-3 weeks, then I'll know in the beginning of JULY.
Man, I feel crazy. I CANNOT WAIT TO START NURSING SCHOOL, but this waiting is really hurting me!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

the countdown and job search continues

Well, yesterday was June 15th--this means the real countdown begins to know my fate in regards to the college of nursing. I called and they said 10 days after this date, but a friend of mine who applied last semester said they told her 2-3 weeks after the deadline. either way, I should know before July (I hope), which gives me like 15 days *dies*!!

The job search is still going strong, sigh. I have now become desperate for anything. I have applied: La Quinta hotel, Bath and Body Works, Jo Ann Fabrics, HomeGoods, Shapes-total fitness, Disney Store, Linens-n-things, and Pier one!
I am tired.
I am just going to keep calling these people and harassing them until they give me a job!

PS: I had to take the math portion of CLAST (Collge Level Academic Scholastic Test...I think) for the second time because I did not pass the first time. You need a 295 to pass and I got a 276 because I did not study or anything. However, this time I studied for 2 hours everyday and I took my exam on Wed--I GOT A 321! Go me!
Now there is nothing in my way of getting into the CON, except you know, not getting in!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I figured as much

Dear Nicole.

Unfortunately the Unit Secretary position with John is filled. You interviewed great and I would very much like for you to come work at {Hospital}. I will look for other similar positions for you to go into and be back in touch. Feel free to inquire about anything you are interested in off our job board. You have 2 great references from myself and John where ever we decide to pursue a position.

Keep in touch.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Kind of depressed.

I don't think I got that job. I mean, I felt the interview went well, but it's now Monday and no word. Maybe it's just too soon since my interview was on Thursday, but I don't know. I sent a thank you e-mail (because that was the only address HR would give me) the day of my interview. I am not sure what the protocol is, but I did not get a reply. I am not sure what I am supposed to do. Once it is a week, should I call? What should I say?
I wish someone would comment and help me!!
Meanwhile, I called the admin. assist. at the library about a job I applied for and I REALLY HOPE she calls me back. This is kind of my last hope until I begin hardcore searching for a stupid retail/cashiering job that I so desperately do not want to do again. SIGH.

Right now, tropical storm Alberto is unleashing the fury on my backyard. It's raining buckets.

I NEED A JOB!!!!:(

Sunday, June 11, 2006

New Blog name

This blog needs a new name. Yes, it states the obvious--My name is Nicole and I will be a student nurse. However, it's boring and over used.
Any suggestions?

PS: I promise this journal will become more interesting once I actually get ACCEPTED into the program. Next Thursday is the deadline and then they review applications..YIKES!!!

Thursday, June 8, 2006

The Interview!

Well, my interview went well. The man who interviewed me was an RN and he was very nice, laid back, and funny. He basically just asked me why I wanted to go into nursing and asked about the different jobs I had. He thought it was funny that I've worked so many different and strange jobs. He told me about the floor and the different types of patients they encounter, etc. Asked me about school and experience, etc. He mentioned that neurology is one of the hardest floors to work on and if I could do that, then I could work anywhere. When he asked if I had any questions, I said No, but that I thought I could do this job. I told him if neurology is the hardest position and I have no experience at all, then I won't be able to compare it to anything, so I won't be able to say it will be hard or not. I said I know it will be difficult but I can do it. I said it might be a weird way to look at it like that, but he laughed and said that he agreed, etc.
I guess he is looking for someone to do unit secretary/PCT, so that is awesome. I told him I would love to do that and I originally applied for PCT, but HR said I didn't qualify. He is looking for someone mainly weekends and evenings, pool. They pay 9.00hr and then if you work evenings it is .75 and weekend it is another .50, so that would be 10.25 if I worked weekends evenings (3-11). Well, the HR guy wrote evenings was 3-11, but the man who interviewed me said their shifts are 12 hours, so I am not sure now?
He said he will be in touch, so I really hope he calls me. He said he has to look at some things, etc. I DON'T KNOW! We had a nice laid back conversation, laughed, etc. I asked him how long he worked here while he walked me out, etc.

It's just hard to tell since I have no experience.
Also, I told him about going to Boston and he was like, oh that is not big deal at all and how he has done that at every job he has ever had.
Now I want to write him a thank you note, but I am not too sure what to write, so I need to be thinking of that.
I hope if he decided to hire me or not that he gets back to me quick because I am applying to other places as well.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006


Well, tomorrow morning at 10:30 I have my interview.I'm supposed to meet the HR guy and he is going to "walk me over." I don't own a suit, but I am wearing a long black skirt, a white blouse that buttons up and has a collar, and some black slip on shoes with a little bit of height. I am feeling negative and pessimistic about this job, which isn't usually like me. I just have a feeling I'm not going to get this job. I DON'T KNOW WHY! Usually I am very much a "glass half-full kind" of gal when it comes to this stuff, but...meh.
Any last words of advice?

Friday, June 2, 2006


I wish I knew how to add links to the side or other things to my journal. I have this template right now, but I don't know how I feel about it.

Edit: I like this new template--it's not the pretty flower, but it's clean, simple, and I can read everything on the page. Now, to figure out how to add links!

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Exciting news!

I got an interview today for a Unit Secretary position on neuroprogressive--nights, but I think it is for pool. I tried to get a job as a patient care tech, but the HR guy said I didn't have enough experience (as in-NO experience, except for my CNA training through the Red Cross last summer, but I'm still not certified), but he searched hard for me and now I have a small chance! YAY!
I'm nervous about the interview since I have no real experience in this type of position, but I have worked a wide variety of jobs. Let's see:
-My first job I was a cashier at a grocery store. YAWN.
-Next I worked at a kennel where I walked, fed, bathed, medicated, and generally cleaned up after the animals, which included dogs, cats, ferrets, birds etc. My duties also included answering phones, checking in the animals, verifying shot records, basic kennel work, etc. Awesome job.
-NEXT, I was a waitress--which I do not recommend, bla.
-After that I was a "canvasser" for the Presidential election. I went door-to-door basically encouraging 18-35 year olds to vote in the election.
-And my last job was at a retail store over a year ago.

I've had a wide variety of positions, so I think this makes me a well-rounded candidate for any position, but who knows? I'm worried they will take one look at me and automatically think I am not fit for the job since I look young, despite the fact that I am 21 and competent. I MUST PROVE THEM WRONG!!:)

Another worry I have is the fact that my sister recently bought me a plane ticket to Boston to visit from July 13-18. I have to go because I have never even met my first and only nephew and he will be about 8 months when I first meet him!

As you can tell, I have a lot of worries currently, but I'm sure they will all work out. I also applied at Borders and another kennel in my area, so I could work days also. Who knows?

oh, the interview is next Thursday at 10:30.

PS: A girl won the spelling bee, WOO.

OOH YEAAH, today I got my housing assignment for fall. I've never lived in a dorm before or even away from home, so this should be scary/exciting. I will be living with 3 other girls in a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment style dorm. My room has: bed, desk, chair, dresser, wardrobe, blinds, shower curtain, range, oven, fridge, outlets for cable tv and telephone service, voice mail, Ethernet access, and common laundry facility. Also, there's a computer lab in the complex and a POOL!
All this on campus and it's the closest dorms to the College of Nursing. All the other ones are on the other side of campus.
Alright, I'm going to stop thinking of things to add to this post.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Waiting

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. IT IS SO HARD TO WAIT!!! I just want to know my fate already--AM I IN OR NOT?! It's pretty much all I think about. I mean, I have so much to do and I hoped to get some of that accomplished a little early before school starts, but they don't even let us know if we're in until freakin' JULY and then we start at the end of AUGUST. I feel this is cutting it too close.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Nurse In training

I think when/IF I get into the program, I am going to buy myself this little hoodie that says "Nurse (In training)". It's funny.
I'll get Megan one too maybe for a congratulations gift, etc.

They also have shirts and underwear, haha.

Monday, May 29, 2006

To Do List

I have tons I need to accomplish before school starts, which is in 3 months. YIKES! The most important thing that needs to be done: GET INTO NURSING SCHOOL. I honestly feel like I will get in, hence this new blog. Boy, won't my face be red if I get rejected and I am left with this journal?:)

Need to:
-Find a good paying job
-Save money
-Get immunizations
-Get health insurance
-Take CPR course
-Buy uniform
-Buy nice stethoscope
-Review Anatomy/Physiology
-Buy a Drug Calculation book, do problems

That is all I can think of for now.
I've heard from a few sources that I should expect to dish out $900 in books alone for the first semester, oh man. That makes my heart sink right into my gut.
Despite the stresses over money, I am more excited about starting nursing school than almost anything that has happened in my life!
I think when I get my acceptance letter, I should throw a huge party. Also, I really hope my friend Megan gets in, so we can throw this party together. It would be so awesome to have someone with me through this whole process. However, I definitely want to make some lifelong friends if possible.
I think the most exciting part will be orientation. I, along with about 60 other students will finally get to see what we got ourselves into. I CANNOT WAIT!!


Hello and welcome to my new blog!:)
My name is Nicole and I'll be keeping this blog to chronicle the next 5 semesters through nursing school and beyond!

Please feel free to comment!