Friday, June 16, 2006

the countdown and job search continues

Well, yesterday was June 15th--this means the real countdown begins to know my fate in regards to the college of nursing. I called and they said 10 days after this date, but a friend of mine who applied last semester said they told her 2-3 weeks after the deadline. either way, I should know before July (I hope), which gives me like 15 days *dies*!!

The job search is still going strong, sigh. I have now become desperate for anything. I have applied: La Quinta hotel, Bath and Body Works, Jo Ann Fabrics, HomeGoods, Shapes-total fitness, Disney Store, Linens-n-things, and Pier one!
I am tired.
I am just going to keep calling these people and harassing them until they give me a job!

PS: I had to take the math portion of CLAST (Collge Level Academic Scholastic Test...I think) for the second time because I did not pass the first time. You need a 295 to pass and I got a 276 because I did not study or anything. However, this time I studied for 2 hours everyday and I took my exam on Wed--I GOT A 321! Go me!
Now there is nothing in my way of getting into the CON, except you know, not getting in!