Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Tomorrow after 2pm, I will be able to save a life. So if anyone is in trouble, needs CPR, or is choking on food, I'll be the woman to call!
That's right--I have my CPR for healthcare providers class tomorrow. It is from 10am-2pm, which isn't too bad. The price is $30.

Working as a cashier for $7.50 an hour at a fabric store seriously gives me a new appreciation for my acceptance into nursing school. Every hour that goes by when I am in the store I am just smiling because I know after 2 months, I won't have to do another stupid retail job again. I honestly feel anyone who isn't considering going to school, should work as a cashier because it is such motivation to get the hell out of that place and into a meaningful career!


shrimplate said...

You will easily more than triple that hourly wage when you get that first nursing job.

It's more frackin' hard than you will ever believe, but it's worth it, and you get to hang out with the most interesting people: drug addicts, personality-disordered manipulative psychopaths, PTSD-crippled veterans, and those are just your co-workers!

We welcome hearing your thoughts.

Your voice is needed, for as you can see there are not enough Nurse Blogs, compared to say Battle Star Galactica blogs, of which there are tens of thousands.

Sid Schwab said...

Good for you! We need more nurses; especially enthusiastic ones. And most of the time, in a hospital, when CPR is necessary, it's the nurses that initiate it. So take good notes.