Thursday, June 8, 2006

The Interview!

Well, my interview went well. The man who interviewed me was an RN and he was very nice, laid back, and funny. He basically just asked me why I wanted to go into nursing and asked about the different jobs I had. He thought it was funny that I've worked so many different and strange jobs. He told me about the floor and the different types of patients they encounter, etc. Asked me about school and experience, etc. He mentioned that neurology is one of the hardest floors to work on and if I could do that, then I could work anywhere. When he asked if I had any questions, I said No, but that I thought I could do this job. I told him if neurology is the hardest position and I have no experience at all, then I won't be able to compare it to anything, so I won't be able to say it will be hard or not. I said I know it will be difficult but I can do it. I said it might be a weird way to look at it like that, but he laughed and said that he agreed, etc.
I guess he is looking for someone to do unit secretary/PCT, so that is awesome. I told him I would love to do that and I originally applied for PCT, but HR said I didn't qualify. He is looking for someone mainly weekends and evenings, pool. They pay 9.00hr and then if you work evenings it is .75 and weekend it is another .50, so that would be 10.25 if I worked weekends evenings (3-11). Well, the HR guy wrote evenings was 3-11, but the man who interviewed me said their shifts are 12 hours, so I am not sure now?
He said he will be in touch, so I really hope he calls me. He said he has to look at some things, etc. I DON'T KNOW! We had a nice laid back conversation, laughed, etc. I asked him how long he worked here while he walked me out, etc.

It's just hard to tell since I have no experience.
Also, I told him about going to Boston and he was like, oh that is not big deal at all and how he has done that at every job he has ever had.
Now I want to write him a thank you note, but I am not too sure what to write, so I need to be thinking of that.
I hope if he decided to hire me or not that he gets back to me quick because I am applying to other places as well.


LizzyFerret said...

So hey, are you doing nursing or not?
I tried to put in the HTML code in this for the links panel, but it wouldnt work - If you leave your email on my blog I'll sent it to ya.