Monday, June 12, 2006

Kind of depressed.

I don't think I got that job. I mean, I felt the interview went well, but it's now Monday and no word. Maybe it's just too soon since my interview was on Thursday, but I don't know. I sent a thank you e-mail (because that was the only address HR would give me) the day of my interview. I am not sure what the protocol is, but I did not get a reply. I am not sure what I am supposed to do. Once it is a week, should I call? What should I say?
I wish someone would comment and help me!!
Meanwhile, I called the admin. assist. at the library about a job I applied for and I REALLY HOPE she calls me back. This is kind of my last hope until I begin hardcore searching for a stupid retail/cashiering job that I so desperately do not want to do again. SIGH.

Right now, tropical storm Alberto is unleashing the fury on my backyard. It's raining buckets.

I NEED A JOB!!!!:(


GB Technologies said...

I feel sorry for you. If I was in your place, I would have never thought of approaching the company for the result after an interview. As long as you have provided the correct contact details, the company should be able to find you back, if they do want to hire you. Well if they choose not to hire, there is always another company. Also, in my career, I have seen delays in companies getting back to you due to administrative reasons, for example, the person who is supposed to approve your hiring might be on vacation or on a sick leave. Please consider it as my 2 cents.