Sunday, October 15, 2006

Things are looking better!!

This past week I did not get in a lot of useful studying. I read, yes, but studying? Not so much. It wasn't from pure laziness though. I found homes for almost all of our 5 cats. Two friends of mine from clinicals took two (one of them is mine, who he is holding until I can move out after next semester and into my own apt, as opposed to a dorm), my dear friend Megan took Cinders, my brother took Sable, and my mom's friend took Sadie.
Truly, this week has been stressful. My mother left yesterday--she left everything behind except for a few necessities. Besides that, the apartment was left full of our things and it was disgustingly dirty. My step dad has been taking care of it. I am so glad my mom is gone. Now, the only stress I want in my life should be related to school and money. It is kind of sad when those are WELCOMED now considering the stresses I COULD be facing.

Onto school, last Wednesday I did Hospice. I basically went with a nurse to two patients homes, then she bought me lunch, and then I sat alone in a really boring meeting for 2 hours. It was not the most fufilling or fun experience, but I also had a lot on my mind.
My Fundamentals exam 2 grade is now a 93% (A!!!).
As far as this week goes? I am almost finished with reading for Fund. since the test for that is the Monday after convention. This week I have a patho quiz on Thurs. We have one almost every week, so it's not a big deal.
So far, my grades look like this:
Fundamentals: 95%
Pathophysiology: 96%
Physical Exam/Assessment: 100%
Clinicals/Lab: Satisfactory (we only get S or U).

Perhaps I will begin taking more pictures like I once did, especially for convention. Look for those maybe.