Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ah yes

Ooooh today was definitely...interesting.

I chose my patient to do my PAT on.
She was 25 years old, 31 weeks pregnant, a heroin and crack addict and she smoked a pack a day. ALSO, she was a prostitute.
Last time she did heroin was last week...and she periodically took cigarette breaks...all while pregnant.

But the BEST part was when she was vomitting during my assessment!!! She said, "I need a bucket~!" and I frantically looked around for one and gave her the garbage instead (with the red bags) and then she threw up all over, but I couldn't leave the room immediately like I WANTED TO because I was in a gown and gloves since she was on contact precautions for MRSA and she was Hep. C positive, SOOOOO I had to de-gown and de-glove and wash my hands all while listening to her vomit forever.....FUN TIMES.
I said WELL, thanks, I think I got enough info!!!
But she goes, "Well I feel a lot better now! we don't have to stop." No, really. WE DO.
Before this, she even fell asleep during my interview.