Sunday, October 29, 2006

the "convention"

Well, since I am just sitting here while time flies by, not studying..I have decided to write about my experience in Daytona.
For the most part, it was okay/fun, really. The condo was gorgeous, the beach was beautiful (the gulf is still 423423 times better though), and the weather was nice for the most part, except when we woke up and it was 47 degrees!
The reason I took off time from school was mainly to GO TO THE CONVENTION. I am a geek and I was actually excited about the focus sessions and talking with other nursing students and even nurses. What can I say? I'm a big, fat nerd. However, NO ONE else shared this sentiment. There were so many focus sessions I would have loved to attend, but we only ended up going to TWO!! It would have been three had one of them not been cancelled the first day. We attended Physical Exam/Assessment tips and "Pharmacology made INSANELY easy," which is just fine and dandy, except that I'm not even in pharm yet, so it was kind of useless to me.
I would have loved to attend "Studying and Test Taking strategies," but it was cancelled. No one wanted to go earlier with me the next day when it repeated.
"7 Tips for Highly Effective Nurses?" YES! I thought that would have been interesting...apparently I was the only one.
Also, I thought it would have been neat to see how the HOUSE OF DELEGATES worked, but no--once again, I was the only one.
NURSE JEOPARDY? The geek in me would have loved to do this. In fact, the 3rd semester students needed more students. I said, Hey, I'll do it, but none of the people in my group wanted to stay and even WATCH. THEY COULDN'T EVEN STAY AND WATCH ME EMBARASS MYSELF? So, I didn't.
Gosh, I sound like such a push-over, but I'm really not. I almost went by myself at one point to "Volunteering during a disaster, why and how," but then everyone was going out to lunch, and since my friend was helping me with expenses for the entire trip, I did not want to starve.

Another thing that was stupid--we were on Daytona beach and the majority of the time--they sat in the hotel watching E! True Hollywood Stories....WHAT? We're in Daytona, it is beautiful outside, and we never get a break. TV will always be there, but this will not. I layed out by the pool instead. They said it was too cold to lay out, but my friend and I were like PFT, NO. It was warm in the sun and I have a very odd sunburn to prove it.

And finally, Thursday night they decided to go to a club called "Razzles." *blank stare*
1. I don't drink
2. I don't dance
3. I've been around enough drunken people dancing in my life (ie-crazy family members every holiday)

I got all dressed up (overstatement) to go, I was dreading it, but I had two other girls with me who do not drink and who do not dance, so I was like..oook, let's go. I backed out last minute. I just felt too stupid. I know, someone will say--you should have just went, could have made fun of the drunk people, would have been a new experience, etc etc. But seriously, that is just NOT ME. It is not my scene and I don't feel like I should do something just because everyone else is doing it.
So while I was left alone in the beautiful condo, I called Mirza, ate mint chocolate chip ice cream, and I got naked in the jacuzzi. I had fun anyway.
TURNS OUT, I am even more glad I did not go because the stories I heard from everyone that involve making out with strangers, strangers touching you, etc--GLAD that I preserved the images of my classmates as I know them now. Besides of course seeing them drunk at the condo.

It was fun...there were laughs and hot tubs and pools, but seriously? Meh. I would have thoroughly enjoyed the trip if I were with Mirza.

Okay, I will say THIS--it was a much needed break, especially considering the day after our Thanksgiving "break" we have a test. It was a lot of fun visiting a new place and seeing new things. I have some pictures, but I am scared to post them.

I hope no one finds this and hates me, haha.