Thursday, August 3, 2006

Quick Update

I have to be to work in 20 minutes, so I guess a quick update is in order. Nothing too interesting has been happening lately. I've just been stressing about money and getting ready for school to start, which is in 25 days! I'm excited!!
I am trying to get all my things together since I'm moving to a dorm, however, it's hard because I'm broke!
I got my stethoscope in the mail yesterday. I bought a Littmann Classic II SE in raspberry color. I really like it.
Well, this post is pretty pointless. Once school begins I will have more interesting posts!:)


Prisca: said...

Just wanted to say--just moved out of florida! ;)

Good luck on your 1st semester--you are going to love it, I bet!

shrimplate said...

The Classic II is perfect, not too heavy. I switched away from the Cardiologies because my neck would hurt after carrying it around for 12 hours.

You can't set those things down anywhere. They disappear.