Tuesday, August 22, 2006

On my own

It is official: I am on my own.

Not that I haven't been an independent woman for awhile now, but truly--I am on my own now.
Mirza (boyfriend) helped me move all my belongings on Sunday into my cute little apartment-style dorm. Since I moved early, none of the other roommates are here, but I met two of them.
I love my room. I love my nice big desk with tons of studying space. I love being on my own...so far. I kind of wish I had the whole apartment to myself because it's been great--all nice and quiet. I think my roommates will be quiet though, for the most part. They didn't seem like party-animals or anything crazy.

Let's see, what nursing school related news do I have?
Ah yes, I bought the rest of my books. Eight more. That brings the total to 12--not too bad. However, they were so heavy that I had to carry them to my car in a cardboard box, which the lovely cashier taped up for me. Longest. Walk. Of. My. Life.
The box weighed a ton, not to mention the sweltering Florida heat beating down on me. And of course I had to park in Egypt. Sigh.
I feel relieved about getting my books though.
I think the grand total was: $851.00

I have already read the first chapter of Fundamentals and the first chapter of my medical terminology book. We have to take this online med. term course through blackboard, but the system will be down until this Thursday.
I feel kind of lost. I want to start reading for my classes, but I have this irrational fear that I'll forget everything!! Crazy,I know.

More news: we were sent an e-mail informing us of a 3 hour test the first day of school to see "where we stand." I don't understand the time though because I have patho during the same time? I'm nervous. No clue what will be on this thing. I am worried I'll get a low score and then my professors will think I'm a moron!!!

Anyone have any studying advice for me before school starts on Monday? Or any advice at all would be great. Thanks.


overactive-imagination said...

Good Luck!
I don't know about you but I am getting very excited as well as a little apprehensive.Dawy after omorrow for me. yikes!

I am going to pick up my "box" of books tomorrow to go with the other 3 that I got on Monday.

As far as studying advice the only thing I can tell you is to buy stock in index cards.....they (for me) are the best way to study.


shrimplate said...

"Relax and believe in yourself."

That was graffiti on the wall of a train underpass I used to pass by on long training runs.

It was signed "Andy and Andrea."

I'd usually pass it on about my 14-mile-mark before heading into a series of uphills, to simulate the Boston course.

Anyways, that's all ya gotta do.