Friday, August 25, 2006

Goodbye black ink!!

OMGGG my team coordinator was not joking when she said she would post A LOT of papers for clinicals...GULP.
bye bye ink.

Anyway, the dinner last night was fun. I set up a car pooling with one girl and another guy. They will be picking me up at 6:30am on Wed (we don't have to be here until 8:30, but traffic..). I told them I'd be standing outside and they won't miss me because I'll be the dorky nursing student in ALL WHITE.
Our TC gave us a tiny tour and we saw the skills lab--sooooooooo cool. It is basically a bunch of beds with supplies, but it is brand spankin' new. The semester 3 students were jealous. We even have two of those sensored dolls. I think this is awesome MAN!!

Also, I found out floor number I am on and my preceptor's name. It is kind of weird though because most students have another student on the floor with them, but my number is different from everyone elses? Hmm. I still don't know what the name of the floor is--just numbers, which mean absolutely nothing to me.

So far I feel great about this program. EVERYONE I meet has been nice and friendly. Also, they seem to be organized and have it all together. woooooohooooo.
Okay, I have to get back to reading. I've only read 3 chapters of the 9 for Fund. It is only taking me awhile because I am writing out the objectives and jotting down answers after, as well as answer the review questions. ALSO, I pretty much have to read an entire 600 page med. term. book before Sept 11th, along with finish 32 quizzes/exams. It can be tedious, but at this point, I am open for anything. I'm just glad I am in the program!
I hope I make more friends.

EDIT: I just found a sheet that has key code for the hospital. I think I'm going to be on "Gynecology and Women's M/S Pediatrics (Locked Unit)." WOO sounds awesome!!


Prisca: said...

GL-sounds like you are going to have a great semester...

I loved funds. It is such a great time to make friends and you learn so much.