Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Study Marathon

The week long study marathon for me begins in a half hour.
I have fundamentals exam 1 on Monday, September 18th. Originally, we had Patho that day as well, but we convinced him to move it to Thursday. Also, on Sunday I spent all day working on medical terminology, but then yesterday we convinced her to move it to the first week of October. At least I finished almost all of it, so now I can just relax (HA!!!) and focus on Fundamentals...and Patho....aaaand physical exam..aaaand clinicals..right.


G-DAWG said...

Congratulations on finding the rewarding career of "Nursing Student". From personal experience it is a VERY difficult journey, but very rewarding when you start taking care of your own patients in clinical!!! GOOD LUCK, and relax!