Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Today I was with a different nurse because my regular preceptor had the day off.
She was nice and helpful with the whole learning process, but I do like my preceptor better--I can just relate to her more on a personal level.
She had 5 patients, so I went around and did all the vitals and charted. One of our patients had some sort of trauma and she was totally out of it. She was MRSA positive too. All morning she was yelling, "Help me, help me now!" over and over and over. She was just laying in bed with a diaper, but she wasn't old or anything. I felt pretty bad for her. I had to do her BP manually because of the MRSA and I was like oh great, watch me not be able to hear anything because the steth looked crappy and old, but actually, I did her BP perfect and fast! She just kept asking me over and over about her family and showering and shaving her legs. I just tried to treat her/talk to her like she was normal. I gave her a bed bath and helped clean out her mouth, which was so dry and had crust on her teeth...I think some of it was vomit. She kept saying she felt "grungy" because she hadn't showered in awhile. It was sad. Finally, someone from her family called when we were giving her meds through her gastric tube and she started crying, "Please come visit me, I'm so lonely. Everyone has forgotten about me, please come see me." I thought I was going to cry because it was sooo sad. At one time, she was normal like me but then one moment can just screw you up. And I wonder if her family is just too overwhelmed with her to come visit anymore since she doesn't make a lot of sense, she flails about in bed and she is incontinent.
She begged me to stay with her. "Why can't you just stay here with me? You helped me feel like a human for once again!" (because I cleaned her). I was like well, I have to go do other things. It just kind of blew.

I was only on the floor until 11:30 though because our instructor let us study and then we had a guest speaker about restraints.

I got a 93% on my first PAT, woo. She kept telling other people to look at mine and the another student's because we did ours good. How embarassing.

Tomorrow is the first physical exam test, as well as patho quiz #3 (?). I haven't studied since I've been home, but I'm not too worried because I've been studying like a mad woman all week. Plus I wanted to watch Oprah because it's been awhile:)
I have a study group at 7 though.