Thursday, September 21, 2006

remind me who I don't want to be

Yesterday was...interesting.
I finally got on the floor around 7 after waiting around for my instructor in the cafe and eventually just going up. First thing my preceptor and I did was go into this old woman's room. My preceptor uncovered the blanket and this woman had dark brown watery poop all the way down to her FEET. PUDDLES OF IT!! There was sooooooooOOOooo much. I guess she had part of her colon taken out, so it was just leaking out of her. In between her legs was a puddle of watery poop....and it was bubbling.
Wow. It took 3 of us to clean was alll over. I wasn't grossed out so much at first, but then my nurse and the PCT said something about it and I just had to look at the wall for a second and concentrate on not gagging up the oatmeal that I had for breakfast. I got through it fine after that.
I felt bad for the woman because she had no toes (diabetes) on one foot and the other she was missing her big toe. She said just they kept falling off. Also, she felt bad that we had to clean her because she said she hadn't been like that since she was a baby.
I mostly worked with the PCT, which I did not like. She was sort of nice to the patient, but behind their backs she would bitch and complain, especially about the woman who couldn't control her bowels. She kept rolling her eyes and saying how she didn't want to deal with this. She was acting like the woman was doing it on purpose!! It wasn't her fault, damn. I kept mentioning that we should go in and check on her to see if she needs to be cleaned up. I figured it is easier to clean a small mess more often than a huge one every once in awhile. She was just like, "I don't even want to know!" Hmm, well, when she is an 89 year old helpless woman laying in an ocean of her own shit, I think she might change her mind!!

Then we had another patient who was in a lot of pain, but my PCT was like "UGH, she whines too much, most people with that surgery just leave within a day, but she will be here forever!!"
wow, bitch. She has been at my hospital for 30 years--yeah, I think it is time to move on.
Then she proceeded to tell me how when she was an LPN (why is she a PCT?) none of the RN's who came out of school knew anything and the LPNs had to teach them all. I was like ohh yeah WHATEVER. She was seriously jaded.

I got to use the bladder scanner twice though, which was pretty cool. And I got to see a blood transfusion.