Tuesday, November 21, 2006

If I lay here

Last week I was so unproductive. It was my first week with no clinicals, so I had Tuesday and Wednesday off to *cough* study, but I had a real cough and a tickle in my throat, so I pretty much just sat around and watched tv, I can't even lie! It was okay. I was feeling a bit depressed for awhile, but now I am feeling more positive again. Still, I haven't been getting much productive studying in because of the excitement of holidays coming, but today is a new day! I have today off, so my plan is to knock out two chapters of Fundamentals for hardcore studying. Tomorrow the lab is open from 8-12 to practice head to toe, so I will do that and then study the other two chapters of Fund. because our last test (minus the HESI) is on Monday. It rocks that it only covers 4 chapters, but I also have my head-to-toe next Wednesday and I am FREAKING THE HELL OUT!!!! It is so much to remember and we have to do it all in a half hour.
Over Christmas break we have to do almost this entire Drug calculation book, which we will be tested on when we return from our "break." I guess they will have this thing called Med Pour in the lab, which is like a huge test. Every semester from here on out, we will have a drug calculations test and we have to pass with a 95%, but we get 4 chances, so I am not scared. The cool thing is that I already finished the first 6 chapters of the book because I thought questions from it would be on this test, but I guess not. woohoo for being ahead!

Things I am currently shitting my pants over:
-Head-to-Toe exam
-Fundamentals exam
-HESI-Fundamentals...how the HELL do we study for this?!

Goals for today:
-Activity/sleep ch. 36--KNOW accomplishment! I needed something to keep me focused, but I didn't want to do notecards, so instead I made a chart with two columns and wrote questions and answers for the chapter--108 to be exact.
-Wound care ch. 47--KNOW
-Review for Patho
-Begin notecards for physical exam/assessment
-Look over stuff for HESI?