Monday, May 29, 2006

To Do List

I have tons I need to accomplish before school starts, which is in 3 months. YIKES! The most important thing that needs to be done: GET INTO NURSING SCHOOL. I honestly feel like I will get in, hence this new blog. Boy, won't my face be red if I get rejected and I am left with this journal?:)

Need to:
-Find a good paying job
-Save money
-Get immunizations
-Get health insurance
-Take CPR course
-Buy uniform
-Buy nice stethoscope
-Review Anatomy/Physiology
-Buy a Drug Calculation book, do problems

That is all I can think of for now.
I've heard from a few sources that I should expect to dish out $900 in books alone for the first semester, oh man. That makes my heart sink right into my gut.
Despite the stresses over money, I am more excited about starting nursing school than almost anything that has happened in my life!
I think when I get my acceptance letter, I should throw a huge party. Also, I really hope my friend Megan gets in, so we can throw this party together. It would be so awesome to have someone with me through this whole process. However, I definitely want to make some lifelong friends if possible.
I think the most exciting part will be orientation. I, along with about 60 other students will finally get to see what we got ourselves into. I CANNOT WAIT!!


Kim said... a cheap stethoscope because those babies have a tendency to "walk". I lost my $175 "Cardiology II".

In the old days, when most doctors were men, we'd buy our scopes in pink because a man won't put pink around his neck! LOL!