Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Need Advice!!

I need advice everyone!
Should I take Pharm. the first semester along with patho, fundamentals, clinical, physical exam, and the lab for clinical? It would put me at 17 credits, but it only meets Monday mornings.
Would this be too much for the first semester? Will I be missing out if I wait to take it second semester? Also, second semester we have Med Surg and Psych, so do you think Pharm would be too much with that?


kimberly said...

I am taking Pharm this Summer, with split-weeks for Psych & OB. So, in essence, Pharm & one other class. I dropped statistics weeks ago because Pharm kicks your a**! Don't underestimate the Pharm just because it is one day a week...I would be careful....kimberly,