Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today was a good eats day!!

I started the day with oligatory oatmeal and peanut butter toast, not pictured.

For whatever reason, when I woke up this morning, I was in a total funk. Just felt down. Luckily, Mirza pulled me out of the funk when he stopped by Nature's Finest to pick us up some smoothies and salad!!

This was the "Gulfshort Sunset," which included orange, pineapple, strawberry, and keylime! It was tangy, yet sweet. And I loved the color.

I was in a much better mood after eating. Good food always makes me happy.
At 3pm, I ventured over to my CSA  to pick up my veggies. It's been a rough season for them this year with the unusually cold weather, but their greens are still in full swing. I love to support my local farmers/growers. It makes me feel like I'm doing "my part," even if small.
 I only take what I need or want. Not a fan of the red mustard, so I stopped taking it.

Lots of kale, collards, carrots, dill, rosemary, arugula, and some other lettuce..

The worst part about being a CSA member is CLEANING all the vegetables and storing them, blaaaa!

Max loves local, organic food, too:)

I also got some local, raw honey!! I wonder if this will help with my damn pollen allergies.

I love my CSA because you can just kind of wander around and pick the herbs they have scattered around in pots. And they are always saying, "Come back if you need more!!"

For dinner, I wanted to try some of the black bean burgers from Veganomicon . Along side, I boiled some small yellow potatoes and then tossed them with lemon juice, greek yogurt, garlic, pepper, and fresh rosemary. We also had some lemony carrot dill salad from It's a go-to recipe!
Lately, we've really been utilizing this chipotle ketchup. I am not a ketchup personal AT ALL, but I love this!

We both highly enjoyed this meal! The potatoes rocked, and carrots were amazing as usual. Store bought carrots absolutely do not compare to fresh,- pulled -from -the- ground -that -day -carrots!

The black bean burgers were good, too, but I think I will make them bigger next time since my buns kind of overpowered them. We also used some of the lettuce from the farm.

Lunch tomorrow will be delicious. I love leftovers for lunch, anyone else?

Breakfast #2 will be plain greek yogurt with the raw honey, local Florida strawberries, cinnamon, and blueberry/apple granola. Review to come of the honey.

My awesome lunch box; it holds a lot!

While I cleaned the kitchen, Mirza ironed my uniforms for the next two days! He is wonderful! First salad and smoothies and then he trying to butter me up for something? haha! Nope, he just rocks.

And dessert was chocolate cheesecake from the bookstore!


Tonight I did something I never do...I purchased books!! I know, it isn't weird, but for me, it is! I love the library and saving money. But today? just did not feel like caring anymore and went through and picked out some new cookbooks. When it comes to cookbooks, borrowing from the library can be helpful when you're looking for something specific, but you're under a time constraint of having to return the books, so you can never just enjoy them!!

Hmmm??? Post to follow with explanation of the cookbooks:)


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