Thursday, March 4, 2010


Just came back from a tortuous bike ride. The temperature in Florida lately has been so wacky. Usually, the high around this time of year is about 74, but the high has been in the 50's. I haven't been riding because it is cold for me. Well, I decided that enough was enough and I would go out to brave the cold.


it sucked!
The wind was terrible. I was pushing so hard that my head started to hurt and my stomach, too. I made myself ride for about a half hour, but it sucked. I was on the Pinellas trail, too, so I had to keep going over huge hill overpasses. I had to walk up one because my legs were just lead.
I doubt I could do a triathlon. I have no stamina for anything and I get out of breath way too quickly. Luckily, I know my heart is okay since last year, my doctor heard a carotid bruit and made me have a carotid ultrasound, echo, ekg, and an MRA. All showed that my vessels are obviously clean, but just twisty (my HDL is over 85, so I highly doubted I had plaque build up). I was sinus, and my echo showed my EF was good and no regurge or anything significant. Still, I wonder if I get SOB more than most sometimes?

I really need some ideas for dinner.
I'm totally in a food rut. I did pick up my veggies from the CSA yesterday, which included carrots, red mustard, some weird bokchoy with flowers (apparently the chef's requested it), another lettuce, and a dozen eggs. Mirza made omelette's last night, so I'm not in the mood for that again. Also, I am working the next two days and would like something for leftover lunches.

The eggs are perfectly imperfect. Actual free-range, organic. All different shapes and sizes.

Any dinner ideas? Do you ever get in food ruts? It's like nothing sounds appealing for some reason.