Monday, March 29, 2010

feeling snobby

Tonight's meal was brought to you by "Veganomicon!"

And holy yum, it was delicious.

(I found the copes of the recipes online for your viewing pleasure, as well, but used my book when cooking).

We had  "snobby joes" with a baked potato, and a lovely romaine salad with a mediterranean olive oil and lemon vinaigrette .

I was nervous because sloppy joe's have a pretty distinct flavor, but I was feeling ambitious. These were made with lentils.
I used these buns:

Final product:

This is Mirza on his THIRD one. He actually used the words "amazing."

They taste much better than they me

The only thing not vegan about this meal was the butter/greek yogurt for the baked potato and I did grate some pecorino romano cheese into the salad.

Onto dessert, also taken from Veganomicon:
Chewy, chocolate raspberry cookies (that is a copy of the recipe I found online. didn't do any filling as it wasn't part of the book).

I love food. I love good food. And apparently, I love good vegan food, as does Mirza!

And I love Max: