Monday, March 1, 2010


Two small dilemmas on my mind:

#1 is not so much of a dilemma, but I will still discuss it, anyway.

I've calculated that in September, I should probably have enough hours to take my CCRN. I kind of hinted this to the nurse I am working with and she was like, "nah, you should really get a good 2-3 years experience and then take it."
To me, it seems like if I am studying for this exam over the next months, then I am only increasing my knowledge base and helping me become a better ICU nurse. If I meet the minimum requirement (1750 hours in ICU), then I qualify just like everyone else, right? Either way, I went ahead and ordered the DVD's and will start studying. It has always been my goal to get my CCRN, and I also want to go back to school part time for my Master's and get a start on that, so I would like to have it prior to my application, as well, but certainly that is not my sole reason for wanting it since I would still need to keep up with CE's. I'm just going to do what I want...

Mirza is (supposed to) graduate next May with a BS in Music Education. I had planned on starting my MSN program in January.
However, given his degree and the economy, I'm thinking realistically that we may need to relocate for him to find a job.
Should I wait until he is finished and know for sure what is going on before I start school? I'm just worried that I will start my program and then we might have to move or something. I'd rather have him settle with his job...does this make sense? The only thing is that I want to start school sooner rather than later, but more experience in the ICU is never a bad thing, either. Also, I'm not the kind of person to keep putting off school because I love it and actually miss it (hence the excitement for studying for my CCRN).

I'm a planner, if you can't tell.

Any thoughts?


Niki said...

I say definitely go for the CCRN! Experience doesn't always necessarily help you with certifications like this! If you study then you should be fine! And like you said,you want this for your grad school app so definitely start studying and go for it!!

And for your second question, I would say maybe look into starting an online program if you are worried about relocating and wanting to start school soon. Hope that helps!!

Anonymous said...
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