Friday, March 19, 2010

what's for lunch?

Well, my lovely 4 days off is coming to an end. I did exactly as planned and what I wanted: absolutely nothing. Sometimes you just need some days to sit around and do NOTHING.

Ok, I didn't just sit in the house the entire time. I did accomplish a few things. I ate dinner with my parents, brother, and Mirza on St. Patrick's Day. And yesterday, I refinanced my auto loan from 11% rate to 5%! Gotta love credit unions. My initial rate was so high because of my limited credit history. I had to take what I could get from a bank. I do not have credit card debt, but at the time (one year ago this month), I did not have many lines of credit. I worked hard over the year to change that and now my credit score is in the 730's, which I am happy about. Still, the only thing "against" me is my short history. I guess we all start somewhere, right? I'm happy that I finally joined the credit union associated with my hospital though.

For breakfast this morning, I made some banana oatmeal with blackberries:

For dinner, I wanted to use up as many CSA veggies as possible; that, and I've been eating like ca-ca the last week (aka--I made cake...), so I made a purple kale and white bean soup.  I added red potatoes to mine and we enjoyed it with some nice crusty bread. I picked up a loaf of this artisan whole grain from the local "health food" store. It is a local bread.
No real photos, sorry.

However, I packed my lunch for tomorrow, which will include:
Morning: greek yogurt with blackberries, honey, cinnamon, granola.
Lunch: left over soup, hummus with pita chips, pineapple, "ants on a log."

Hopefully it will all fit in my bag!:)
I'm working the weekend :^p. I'm off to bed shortly. I bought some new sheets with a higher thread count, so I cannot wait to slide into my nice, soft bed.


april said...

Ants on a log!! Those bring me back to my childhood!

Anonymous said...

big ups on the refinancing. i was surprised that my credit score was a 770. i have 2 credit cards but that was it. no other loans to speak up. i'm excited to see what it will be following the auto loan. i wanna max it out, lol