Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My "tweet" button on twitter won't work, so I cannot post anything. Frustrating.

In other news, I am sad:( I had to bring Max this morning to the vet for a teeth cleaning. I was so nervous for him because he's a scaredy-cat. Well, the vet called and said it went good, they did have to do a few extractions, but before the procedure, he pooped/peeped himself in the crate from being so scared!! she said they had to shave his behind a bit:( I'm so sad!!! I know it is important for his teeth to stay healthy because he has FIV, but I wonder if it is worth it to put him through so much stress.
Poor little guy. I can pick him up after 3pm. I hope he doesn't hate me.

Edit: It's been a few hours since Max has been home and he is doing great. It was so sad/cute when I first saw him. I paid and then went into the room to see him sitting in his carrier facing the door. I said, "Hi, Max" in my normal voice and he let out one of his cute high pitched meows. Everyone was like awww. I wanted to cry! I love my Max:(

They had to do 3 small extractions, but nothing major. His teeth and gums look so much better; less red and no more tartar. He needs to be on antibiotics for the next week prophylactically.
I actually went out and bought him a scratching post. Hope he uses it.

Here is Max practicing his tricks from the other day. He hasn't quite mastered "lay down," yet, but we're getting there...


e said...

Aw!! I like the video of Max. My family cat passed away this past November at 21 and now that I am on my own all I want is a cat. Best wishes for Max!

Susan said...

That's a big cat!! Right? Or do I just not know much about cats?

Raspberry Stethoscope said...

yes, he is 16+ pounds. He was 18, but we put him on a little diet