Monday, July 13, 2009


Anyone watching The Next Food Network Star?
They are down to 4 people now.

My favorite is Melissa (the stay at home mom), but I also like Jeffrey, the chef.
I just feel like I wouldn't watch the other people, but since Melissa cooks for her kids and always makes delicious looking food, I know I'd watch her show.


Yesterday I floated to another tele floor. They called it the ortho floor, but no one was there for any ortho issues, so I don't get it! Anyway, before work, I sent an email to Mirza that basically consisted of, "ugh, I don't want to work, I know I am going to be floated. I HATE MED-SURG!! expletive."
And of course, as I predicted (because I am a genius psychic) I was floated. I dreaded the walk over to the floor. And then something AMAZING happened. They gave me a tech for all of my patients (five). The charge nurse said, "yeah, I figured I would be nice since you are floating." I thought to myself Wow, that is incredibly smart and thoughtful and I want to hug this stranger...and then I said THANK YOU!!
Guess what? The day was awesome! I was busy, but steady and basically the last hour, I had nothing "to do" as far as tasks like meds or anything. At 1700, I was told I would get a new patient (had already successfully and rather smoothly discharged two), but he never came up on my shift.
I spent the last 15 minutes feeding my 90 year old demented patient who came in from the nursing home with a syncopal episode. She was mostly nonverbal unless prompted, so I laughed my ass off watching America's Funniest Home Videos while she enjoyed her meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and chocolate sugar-free mouse.

Love those days.