Saturday, July 11, 2009


I had the option at 4:50 this am to take an LCD (low census day, ie--stay home) or another hospital! I didn't even know we could that! Of course I said NO and took the LCD. Floating to another floor is stressful enough, but to another campus? No thank you!
However, the bad news is that I found out from a coworker on facebook a few hours later that we get an extra $5/hr to float to another campus!! UM, THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE TO KNOW BEFORE I MADE THE DECISION!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh well.

This afternoon I sold my bike:( I only had it for about two months. It was a used trek, bought for $125, but I think it was worth less and I over paid. The thing is, I wanted a bike for so long since last summer mine was stolen, but I live on busy/dangerous roads. I thought a bike would be perfect because I could put it in my car and then drive on the Pinellas Trail, but it turns out that even with my seats pulled down, the bike still will not fit.
I just decided to sell it and buy a better one once I can afford it and a bike rack for my car.
I was kind of sad to see it go, but I'm pretty short this pay period and only had $49 in my checking account. I got $80 for it, so I am satisfied.

I also returned four little paintings I bought from Marshalls. They were really cute veggies with french words over them. I honestly loved them, but my kitchen is tiny and they don't fit anywhere (that or I am un-creative), so I returned them and got my $35 back.

I was thinking today about all the expenses that will come up in the next <10 years, like a wedding, house down payment, etc. HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT?! It is impossible.

I am definitely looking forward to start working nights so I can make an extra $5 an hour. I am taking it to pay off my car loan and extra will go straight into my emergency fund.

This is kind of a downer post, but I did manage to make chocolate brownies this evening...but now my stomach kind of hurts. bla.


Miss Purple Stethoscope said...

Aw, I hate being financially limited :-( How do I plan to do it? I'm going to stay living at home for free and leeching off the generosity of my parents for a looooong time. All the best!

april said...

Everything will work out! Hang in there!