Wednesday, July 8, 2009

fireworks and blueberries

Hope everyone had a great 4th!
Mirza , Amra, and I ended up at downtown Gulfport for a change. And I must say, the fireworks were amazing! Honestly, I was surprised because you'd think that Gulfport wouldn't be better than St. Pete, but they were.

Here is a quick video from when they started. I have no sound on my computer, so I have no idea if I am talking or what is going on, haha


Yesterday's work out was Extreme Training and my back is sooo sore now. Geez. Today we went for a quick swim and I think I am finished for the night. Too sore!

Work tomorrow, so I planned out my meals for a week.

My meals are incredibly dependent upon my work schedule since I am there for 13 hours. Lunch is usually left overs from the night before and dinner is usually whatever I can find or something quick to put together, especially if I am working the next day since I need to get ready for bed pretty quickly.
I find that I spend a lot less money on food if I make a plan and stick to it.If I am not careful then I can easily spend $500+ on food for one month...and I live alone! Granted, I feed Mirza most of the time, but that is still a lot, haha!

The plan for this week:

Wednesday (today):
Meditteranean pizza with 1/2 baked sweet potato and carrot-dill salad

Thursday (work day): Lunch--left overs. Dinner--Big salad with hemp seeds, the works.

Friday: Chili rubbed tilapia with zucchini, sauteed corn with carrot salad.

Saturday (work day): Lunch--left over tilapia. Dinner--quick pasta

Sunday (work day): Lunch--left over pasta. Dinner- Mediterranean pizza

Monday: Big salad for lunch. Dinner is whole wheat blueberry pancakes, hence the salad at lunch;)

Tuesday: Grilled marinated chicken (george foreman grill, woo), broccoli, red potatoes, etc.

Keeping in mind that this is definitely not everything I will be eating AT ALL. Every morning I have oatmeal with peanut butter toast and when I am home I graze and nibble on things throughout the day. At work, I eat before hand, then take a 15 minute "breakfast" of yogurt, banana, whatever. And I have lunch later on, and then a snack before I go home.

I made my list once again and stuck to it (yes, I spelled broccoli wrong):

This was after shopping, hence the highlighting! I opted not to buy coconut milk ice cream since I knew this afternoon I would be making Jenna's Blueberry muffins

The goods:

Grand total: $77.15!
I stayed under my budget, so woohooo.

Like I said, I baked blueberry muffins today! They were oozing with blueberry goodness!! Thanks to Jenna for the recipe!!!

I've started taking pictures outside on my drier because of the lighting, hahaha!


Susan said...

I love fireworks! What kind of breaks do you get for 12 hour shifts? In nursing school, a nurse I worked with just got the random "sit down when you can" break on a general medical floor. When I shadowed in the ICU, the nurses got a half hour "breakfast break" as well as an hour lunch! I can't even imagine.

overactive-imagination said...

I went in search of the blueberry muffin recipe at the link you left but no luck.
I'd love to have it it you wouldn't mind passing it along.
Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way. Not sure how you ended up off of my blogroll but you're back!