Saturday, July 4, 2009


Yesterday I was really a zombie. I had absolutely no energy at all. And then at 2am, the new people above me were arguing soooo loud. It felt like I lived in a trailer park. I almost called the cops! Incredibly aggravating!
Right now I am drinking a green smoothie with the amazing grass products I got in the mail yesterday. I just got back from the gym--Total fitness. Holidays kind of suck when you can't spend any money. Luckily, 4th of July is all about fireworks. Mirza and I are undecided about where to go. We always go downtown, but then get incredibly aggravated with the crowds. Actually, I get incredibly aggravated because I HATE crowds. For him, it is no big deal because he towers over everyone. But I just get lost beneath everyone. I hate it! And usually people are drinking and loud and stupid, which I have had enough of growing up. So, maybe we'll go to Gulfport or something for a change...or the beach? I don't know. Either way there will be too much traffic. I bet we'll end up staying inside watching tv because we're losers. Broke losers.
I think we need to start working on a list of 50 things to do that don't involve money!

There is also this: