Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Today was boring for the most past because I was in the ER intake and there were no psych patients, so I basically sat around and talked to the psych RN who was a male. This guy was either burnt out or did not think of nursing very highly. He kept saying things like, "I'm JUST a nurse," how nurses have no power, etc. I was like...what the freakin' hell?! THEN he was like, "you're young, don't do JUST nursing. I would seriously think about medical school or masters program--become a physician!"

First of all--I am not JUST going to be a nurse and it pisses me off when people put down their own profession. We need to advocate for our profession, we need respect. Putting it down does not help the matter. Also, if we can't feel respect for our profession and realize how important our role is then obviously this will not translate well to the public--no one will give us respect and therefore, people will not want to be nurses. THIS WILL NOT HELP THE SHORTAGE.
And to suggest that being a nurse is somehow like being a lower level doctor---what?? It's not even the same profession. GEE, maybe I am proud of the fact that I want to be a nurse, not JUST a nurse either. Be a doctor? Ugh, no thank you.
Some people just shock me.


Dr Drifter said...

Hey Nicole!
My name is Zain (sounds like a guy's name but i'm a girl;) - I stumbled upon your blog a couple of hours ago and ended up reading everything you've posted since last year! Your blog is awesome dudette - I loved reading it! So I am now an official reader (oooh- pressure's on to make the next post really good!).
So a little about me in case you're wondering who the hell I am: I'm a 20 year old science student who lives in Sydney Australia. I finish my degree this year and then have to decide what to do with it - I'm tossing up between studying nursing and medicine via graduate courses so I always read nurses'/doctors' blogs to hear anecdotes from members of both professions. Anyway, keep up the good job with your blog - you sound like you're going to make a very fine nurse.