Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm feeling pretty bummed to put it lightly. Honestly, probably depressed would be the right word. I do not want to get into it because it is work related.

Sometimes I just wish I did something easier. Why couldn't I have picked something fun for my career? you know, like cupcake maker, or...I don't know.
I do not expect to be posting for the next week or maybe two? I might, but I just feel like complete...bla.

I wish I could just have kids and be a stay at home mom. Screw work. Screw the women's movement (not really)! In all seriousness, though....:(

Anyone go through phases when you feel really good and enthusiastic about your work, and then totally doomed and want nothing to do with it?

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Unknown said...

THE toughest part about our job is the emotional content nobody warns you about. A good nurse uses their emotions to do the best job you can, but it also becomes a crutch.
When I'm at the low part of the roller coaster I remind myself of why I chose this path. Why I am a nurse. I remember my fond memories of making the difference for my patients. I remember all the kind and wonderful patients who were appreciative of the work I did.
I also remember that in the end I have the easy part of the job.
Today I'm the nurse, not the patient.
Hang in there.

Journey_On said...

Hmm, I haven't been through a time where I feel good and enthusiastic about my work.....yet. Well, last week was pretty good despite being sick. And there have been many times where I feel totally doomed. I wish those days were over for good.

I'm sorry that things are changing at work like that. I think I felt similarly when they had me over at Trauma for 2 weeks, and when I had to do tech work for 2 days. I understand they just wanted to help me have a better orientation.....but it still feels like, what did I do wrong? I have performance anxiety, and I feel so uncomfortable when someone is watching what I do.

It's good they mentioned that they want you around for a long time. I think that would make me feel better. I hope it goes smoothly, Nicole! You are a good nurse!!!

Niki said...

Girl, that's tough. I know I would feel the same way you do. So sorry you are dealing with this. I guess my advice is to just hang in there and do what they are telling you to. Yes, you may feel like you look stupid but sometimes you just gotta do what they tell you to. And it definitely sucks. I'm sure you are a great nurse! This will pass, just hang in there :)

Amy said...

I'm nursing school right now and I already go through that. I'm like, why can't I just want to go back to an easy desk job instead of this? Then the next day I love the job all over again. It's tough in school so I'm sure it's even tougher in the field. Just remember that you're great at what you do and you chose to do this for a reason. Even when it's hard, try to remember why.

Susan said...

Gahhhhh I know exactly how you're feeling. I have NO idea why anyone would ever pick this career. My friends complain about their jobs yet they sit on gchat all day and plan their weddings...I don't even have time to pee sometimes!