Monday, February 8, 2010

my new toy

I did it! I bought a rode bike!

We arrived to the bike shop around 1:30 and got right into measuring.

It was kind of awkward, but of course, necessary.

I tried out the Trek 1.2 WSD and I LOOOOOVED IT. Prior to this, I had only been on mountain and hybrid bikes. The employee gave Mirza a huge ass cruiser to come along on the ride with me. He let us take them out and go wherever we want. The Pinellas trail was right down the road, so we made our way there.

wow, when I first got on the bike, I could not believe the lightness. I gave minimal effort and Mirza was left behind in my dust!! haha! Truly, I was nervous about the drop handle bars, but the bike was much more comfortable than I had anticipated. The bike shop owner left the seat lower since I'm still new and he wanted me to get used to it and not be scared or fall off!

The whole process was painless and no pressure from the shop at all. He said I could give it a few days, even come in ready to ride again, take it out all day and pretend that it's my bike, they will put a water bottle on it, etc and really test drive it. I think that is awesome. But I honestly did not need that much time. I loved it. It is beautiful and comfortable.

I did not purchase padded bike shorts this go around, but after my ride tonight, I definitely will. Yow!
The shop offers 6 months of service on the bike. I go back in 30, 90, and 180 days for tune-up intervals.

Also purchase a helmet. Giro.
A water bottle.
Tire pump.

And with some maneuvering, it fits in my trunk perfect!!

This is my, "I'm not excited at all" face. Yes, I am ok.

Helmets look so dumb when you're looking straight on in the mirror. I made Mirza take this picture, so I could see how dumb I look. haha. Hey, it is either wear a helmet or be hurt. And since I really enjoy NOT eating my food from a tube in my gut, I will wear a helmet.

Bike helmet box!

I stayed within my $1,000 budget, too. The total came to $1,075, which I thought would be more. I am so happy with my purchase. Cannot wait to get out there and really go for a ride.
And now i need to work the next two days. bummer.

Things to purchase on Thursday:
-padded shorts
-something small to put on my bike to carry my keys and ID...any suggestions?


Journey_On said...

So exciting!!

Eco Yogini said...

congrats!!!!!! i am so jealous, I've never ridden a road bike before.... just mountain bikes when i was a kid. it would be pretty darn cool to have one! :)

Niki said...

Nice!! Love the bike!! I would love to have a bike like that if I had somewhere to ride where I wouldn't get completely run over! Ha!

Susan said...

Woohoo!! Congrats on the big purchase! I've never ridden a road bike before, but I imagine it would be quite different. I look forward to hearing about your biking adventures!