Thursday, February 4, 2010


Thanks for the encouraging comments today, guys. I'm feeling a lot better about yesterday. I went to a total fitness class at my gym and I felt super strong and energetic, so I sweat out all of the bad vibes and invited positives ones in!

Some exciting things:

-My hospital has a scholarship available for a fully funded trip to National Teaching Institute and Critical Care Exposition 2010. For those unaware, this is a huge conference that lasts from May 15-20 for critical care nurses to attend lectures, see products, communicate, etc. And this year it is in Washington, DC!! The scholarship requires us to answer a few essay questions, fill out forms about travel expenses, and a letter of reference from management.

My manager has agreed to write me a letter. She said that no one from our unit has applied yet! wooo. Everything is due February 19th and I'll know if I got it by February 26th. I'm incredibly excited. I would love to attend this event.

-I went to a bike shop today and spoke with a worker about purchasing a road bike. I've only had mountain and hybrid's before, but feel like I want to try something new. Personally, I do not like running, but want a good form of cardiovascular exercise, besides aerobics and boring machines. Also, I need a damn hobby!

I've always loved to ride bikes, and recent blog entries by Caitlin of Healthy Tipping Point and Jenna from Eat, Live, Run have kind of given me the urge to get my own road bike.

They only sell Trek's at this shop, so I am going to try a few out. I'll be receiving some money from my parents and tax return soon, so that is how I will be paying for all of this (unless I decide it isn't for me, but I'm pretty set on this). In case anyone is curious, my budget is under $1,000.

I'm EXCITED, but also nervous! I've never been on a road bike. I'm worried about the "feel" of the bike. The woman at the shop was extremely helpful and enthusiastic. She said when I am ready, come to the shop "ready to ride" and they will help me pick out the right sizes, etc and I can take the bike out of the store, even to the Pinellas Trail. They also do a fit test, too. She discussed how eventually I might get more into it and want a computer or clip on pedals, etc, but she made it clear that everything is a process and I do not need to rush anything. I mentioned my fears that the bike might not fit in my car, but she showed me how easy the front wheels detach; stating she owns a Honda and has no issues.

ALSO, they have a woman's riding group every Saturday morning. That is definitely something I want to get involved in. Sounds like a fun way to meet new people. I told her I have goals of possibly in the future doing a race or maybe a tri--totally being ambitious here, but hey, gotta have goals, right?


Joanna Ashleigh said...

The bike riding sounds fun! If you ever want a random hobby to try, try a local belly dance class, it's good stuff. =)
Can't wait to read your next blog!

LivingDeadNurse said...

good luck i hope u get to go

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