Tuesday, February 16, 2010

O baby!

Hello everyone!

Today has kind of felt...meh. I mean, nothing bad, but I did drive around a lot and it is tiring (and infuriating, people suck at driving; we have incredibly busy roads). I drove to Dunedin to turn in my packet for the scholarship to attend NTI in DC. I hope I get it! I'll find out by the 26th.

After, I decided to go donate blood. I am O-, so they are always in critical need.

I love the cheesy shirts they give for donating:

(what the hell kind of rhythm is that?^^^)

I think today's donation makes a GALLON, woo!

I was feeling pretty good after donating, I never feel bad or anything. I lounged around the house for a bit, and then decided to drop off a book to the library, go to TJ Maxx, etc. Well, I started to feel super sluggish. I know I did not drink enough fluids. I also had an INTENSE craving for  bagel. NO IDEA, people. I had this long debate in my head about going to the store and buying bagels and cream cheese, then thought maybe I should go to panera or somewhere else to get one bagel , so then they won't be in the house. But then I thought about saving money, etc. ugh, at this point, I was far from home and starting to feel nauseous and annoyed. The traffic was terrible.

I stopped at Publix and caved in. I told myself if I had an apple with the bagel, then it would all be good. I don't normally obsess so much over food like this, so I'm not too sure what was going on today.
I ended up getting a Thomas' whole wheat bagel with whipped cream cheese (yes!!) and some cheddar cheese.

Enjoyed every last bite with an organic gala apple

My flat tire course for my bike is in one hour, woo!


Niki said...

I am O- too but have NEVER been able to give blood! No one can ever stick my veins so they end up giving up! Sad, huh?! I think I could definitely stick myself if they would just let me :)