Sunday, September 5, 2010

Trek Women's Triathlon Recap: Part 1

I did it! I completed TRIATHLON #2!

Let me preface this post by saying my goals for this triathlon were simple: Stay POSITIVE, HAPPY, and to RUN during the actual run portion. You see, during my first triathlon, I failed miserably at all three of these. I did not want to have too many high expectations going into this. I wanted to enjoy myself, to push myself, and to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Goal accomplished? YES.

I only had two weeks separating these two triathlons, and once I got back into the mental game, I worked hard. I knew I had a short amount of time to do what I could to prepare, so I did whatever I felt necessary. I swam almost everyday that I wasn't at work, and I did a few brick workouts, and I even did  a "5k." I kept my mind sharp and centered through yoga workshops and continually reminding myself to stay positive (and I may or may not have pretended  I was Chrissy Wellington during each works!).

I noticed towards the end of the week that I actually felt stronger! Thing is, I couldn't tell you if I was stronger physically...or mentally! Honestly, I think a combination of both, but definitely breaking down some mind-barriers.

The journey to this Sunday's triathlon started Friday! I got the oil changed, and tires rotated in my car; and picked up my bike from the shop. I had dropped her off on Tuesday for a maintenance check-up.

Saturday morning, I packed up the car for us to head to Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground to check-in my bike and pick up my race packet.

The only negative aspect about this triathlon was that if you weren't staying at the Fort Wilderness Campground, you had to park in the Magic Kingdom parking lot, and then RIDE or walk your bike over, approximately 1.5 miles, according to the "officials." Apparently, Mirza and I never got the memo that we live in FLORIDA and it is HOTTER THAN youknowwhat in September, and we were wearing jeans. Go us! I mean, we haven't lived in Florida for over 15 years or anything...der.

 We walked...and walked...with the bike...and finally made it there, sweaty and red!

(jeans rolled up on the beach to the Lake)

I checked in, got my race packet, etc, and just as we were leaving to go rack my bike, I saw in the corner of my eye a BONDI BAND table. I did a double-take.

...wait? is that..? "omg, Mirza, that is healthyashley!!!" Mirza: uuuhh, who??

 I walked over like a weird stalker and introduced myself. It was so funny! Seriously, you feel like you know these people because you read their blogs. And Ashley truly is an inspiration to me because this chick did a half-Ironman, marathons, etc., and is now training for a full Ironman. Through reading her blog, you honestly feel like, "hey, maybe I could do that, too??" She rocks!! Best part? She is even nicer and sweeter in person than you could imagine. YAY FOR BLOGGERS.

And of course, I asked if we could take a photo...

After we racked the bike, I was pretty happy about my little encounter with meeting Ashley (I met healthyashley, lalalalal, I met healthyashley, lalalala), and Mirza was making fun of me (I swear I am not a freak, Ashley!).

We had reservations at the Disney All-Star Sports resort. I will spare you the details of the day that involved driving around looking for food and getting lost, but eventually we checked into the hotel, and earlier had dinner at Planet Hollywood. We were starving!

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of my triathlon recap. I'll get down to the good stuff!! For now, I must sleep!


Sarah said...

I've just found your blog! Congrats on your triathalons and starting yoga teacher training. That's awesome! I'd love to teach yoga one day. However, right now I'm training to be a registered nurse and start my rotation in the ER today :P a little nervous! looking forward to reading more of your blog xxx

Robert said...

Can't wait to hear more!